13 November 2012

Second Week in October 2012

Monday right after work I had dinner with Kimee at Old Chicago. We both got artisan pizzas that were really good. I think I need more friend time. I came home and ran some of the calories off, 2012 run #42, 2.98 miles in 37:46, a super slow 12:40 min/mi, but I did finish.

Tuesday was my day to teach Maggie and Cecily how to cook. I think it's just an excuse for them to have visitors, but I gladly obliged. They made chicken tacos while I 'supervised'. Afterwards we went out to eCreamery for ice cream. We walked from their apartment, it was a little chilly, but it was fine.

Wednesday after work I ran some errands and then went on 2012 run #43, 5k in 29:32, that is a toasty 9:28 min/mi. Go me!

Thursday after work I went to Theology on Tap, the fall series. The talk was about Mary's place in the church and it was quite enjoyable.

Friday I was back at the dance for the first time in quite a while. I left a little early because I was a little tired.

Saturday I was up early and off doing errands. I came home and had a little time, so Troy and I tried out Borderlands 2 in co-op mode. It works. I decided to get an XBox Live account so I can play with more friends. I then went for 2012 run #44, a new distance record! 4.08 miles in 40:22 at 9:54 min/mi. More go me!

I got ready and went to Laura and CJ's wedding at Joslyn Castle. There was an optional steampunk theme.

My roommate has a very nice suit.

I wonder if I am being laughed with or at.


CJ actually danced!

Despite my almost 20 years in Omaha, it was my first visit to the Castle. It was certainly opulent, but I didn't think it was big. You can see all my pictures from the wedding here.

Sunday I was up and went to church, and then over to Anne's house so we could go out to Vala's for our annual trip to Vala's. Anne and I went early, so we could be there longer. The first thing we did was to get stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. Hopefully this will be the last year for traffic, 370 will be widened by last year. Once we got parked, waited for her friend Michelle, and headed straight to the bouncing pillows.

Fairly impressive by my standards.

We headed in absolutely no direction what-so-ever waiting for everyone to get there,
so there was a lot of randomness.

As they all trickled in slowly and we ended up in line for food.
Sarah and I got some brewed soda.

The obligatory ladies photo...

...and the seemingly equally obligatory Libby-doing-something-weird photo.

As we got over to the pig races, Matt, Vivian, and Hannah showed up...
Photo credit: Matt

...and Hannah is the star of the show. Photo credit: Matt

We did the corn maze next, it was kind of disappointing because the corn didn't grow very high with the heat and drought. Photo credit: Matt

Ever wonder what it's like to hang around with my friends? It's exactly like this, six people taking pictures of the others, and one taking pictures of the people taking pictures.

IMG_0343 IMG_0351 IMG_0362 IMG_0364
The picture fest had some really nice shots.

P1140186 P1140188
Then we did the slide and the carts... Both photos credit: Matt

Anne and I did some babysitting while Matt and Vivian did the bouncing.
..then we ate again followed by waddling through the 'haunted cave'.

The last tradition, trying on every hat in the place.

And that was it for the trip this year, you can see all my pictures from this years trip here and Matt's here. Matt and Vivian dropped me back at Anne's house to pick up my car and it was the end of my week.

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