16 November 2012

Halloween Week 2012

Did you catch my foreshadowing on the previous post? Monday after work I met up with a gentleman from Woodhouse Mazda that Sarah A introduced me to and we discussed the details of upgrading me to a new car. It was exhausting, and I finished talking by 2030, and came home in my Saturn. Frank and I hung out for the remainder of the evening.

Mine for 8.25 years and still looking good, even mom said so.

Tuesday was new car day! Here is what I didn't get on the new car that I wanted, a sunroof, I also would have preferred the lighter blue to the darker blue, but other than that it has all the bell and whistles I wanted, plus a few extras.

My brand new 2013 Mazda Cx5. Big car, big responsibility.

So it turns out that the (missing) sunroof is less consequential than I thought, I think it is because I have so much more headroom. It has full bluetooth integration with my phone plus hands free dialing, a back up camera, and no key! Right after work I went and showed it off to Maggie and Cecily, we drove around and got ice cream. I took it home and showed it off to Troy and Maeg ... Troy got into 'the trunk', I don't quite understand why, but it was funny.

Wednesday was Halloween, and I took the car over to Merinda and Mike's house to show it off. It turned out to be more visiting time, Mike was playing Dragon Age, and we talked a little about that and this. Knowing how much Merinda loves Halloween, it was unfortunate that she didn't get many kids. They took a look at the car, and I headed home.

Then I got a funny idea. I drove by Kaleb's and I was going to trick or treat. It didn't work, I got busted while trying to sneak up to the door. Scott and CJ just happened to be there. We got to talking, then Melissa showed up, and so we played a game of Kingsburg. CJ won handily. I noticed that although this game is a dice rolling game, it is not really as much about rolling well as it is about a good strategy.

Thursday after work I picked up Lee and we went and played Bases, maybe the last time of the year. No major injuries AND all hanging out at Adam & Jake's parents house at the end of it. I had juice, other people had hot cocoa.

Friday I had my first really good nap in the new car, so good in fact that I could barely wake up from it. In the evening I went to the dance, but home early instead of the Donut Stop.

Saturday was one of the first Saturdays I had nothing to do in a long, long time (who wants to do the research on this?) I ran the usual Saturday errands. In the afternoon I went for 2012 run #46, this was actually a pretty funny run. It was my first one after updating my Zombies, Run app and there were issues with the update not wanting to play nice with my tunes. After I got this semi-resolved, I grabbed the wrong broken headphones, so it took me about 15 minutes just to start running. By the time I started I was quite annoyed, and ran my first mile in about 8:45, whoa sparky, slow down. I deliberately tried to slow down, but I wasn't all that successful, 2.57 miles in 24:37 at 9:34 min/mi. Later I played Borderlands 2 and remembered to change the clocks before heading off to bed early.

So guess what, go to bed early Saturday night with an extra hour to sleep, and get up early on Sunday. I went to church at Saint Rose of Lima. The usual crew met up at DJ's Dugout at watch the Bears win a laugher over Tennessee. I finished up the day making a lot of food for the upcoming week.

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