23 November 2012

Second Week in November 2012

Another Monday, another migraine. Yuck. Would the official statistician of the Onion Skin News please see how many weeks in a row I've started out my Monday with a migraine. After work I came home, cooked, then baked.

Tuesday I was still not feeling well and...

...I decided that a monkey an ape could do my job.

After work I came home, played a couple minutes of Borderlands 2, then went to bed.

Wednesday morning the migraine was worse than the two days before, and I had enough, so I went to the doctor. I saw PA Laura, and she recommended allergy meds and vitamin D. I came home, took some vitamin D, and slept. By 1500 I woke up and felt great.

Thursday I ran some lunchtime errands, which will be a theme until my new car has plates on it. After work I played more Borderlands 2. I am still only playing one class, the Gunzerker, I don't use the class skill very often, but it's fun.

This also happened Thursday night, but I don't know what exactly what it is.

Friday I went to the courthouse at lunch, still trying to get the title on the Saturn worked out. I found out that the lien holder never released the lien. The girl at the county courthouse was super helpful and told me exactly what to do, so I think this will get solved. In the evening I went to the dance and the Donut Stop afterwards.

Saturday was a busy day. I started out with errands, then went over to Kaleb's for a game night during the day. We played a new (to me) game called The Castles of Burgundy. I liked it a lot, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to finish the game (I was winning at the time, but I heard that I ended up in third place) because I was off to Hannah's first birthday party.

My involvement with this video takes place at 1:24,
but the whole thing is cute. Video credit: Matt

Story time with Frank. Photo credit: Matt

Is this correct? Photo credit: Matt

Ew, Jenny, gross! Photo credit: Matt

You can see all of Matt's pictures from this event here. I headed from there to Mike and Merinda's house warming. When I pulled up I got the primo parking spot, so I thought there might not be a lot going on, but the place was full. It was hopping. There weren't any pictures that I know about, but there were lots of friends, food, dancing, and a game of King of Tokyo. I was winning the whole game, but could not close it out, so Ben won. That was a good day.

Sunday morning Teri, Joe, Frank, and I went to church at Holy Ghost again. While I don't think it'll be three weeks in a row, it was a good Mass with a excellent Homily by (visiting) Father Vasquez. After lunch Teri and I went out to eat, Frank and Joe had something else to do.

I came home and napped. I got know Julie a little better, we had ice cream. I came home intending to run, but instead got some bad news, one of my favorite out of town dancers, Kelley McLaren had been killed in a auto accident.

My favorite Kelley memory was at Heartland Swing in 2011. I was dancing with Kelley's friend Chris, and she was dancing with Maggie. Chris told me "Throw me over them." We waited until they did a swing out and I threw him ... all Maggie saw was someone flying through the air at her and she bailed. After all the laughing stopped, Kelley said "We can do this." and we did, I tossed Chris right up over their hands like a limbo bar in reverse. Dancing with her was just like that too, no matter what dumb thing I thought up she'd do it, and make it look good. She was one of my favorite dances ever.

Kelley and I at Cowtown 2010.

102_1051 102_1052
Kelley dancing at Heartland 2011.

I'm not sure if I can give a better compliment than to say Kelley was the kind of person who made you want to be a better person, and I will miss her.

Next Week: Thanksgiving

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