14 November 2012

Third Week in October 2012

Monday, and the last couple weeks have made me feel like all I do is process pictures. I processed and put up part of a million pictures. Seriously though, in between the beginning of Cowtown and the end of the Vala's trip I took over 2600 pictures on my camera, not including my phone.

Tuesday I talked Frank into trying Bases (the game that cannot be described). He hurt himself. Okay, I got hurt too, a couple of big bruises (that lasted four weeks). On the plus side, I did catch four people in a row.

Wednesday I stayed home from work not feeling well. Most of the day was spent sleeping, but I did make an XBox Live account, my gamertag is e7onions23, if you want to have me add you as a friend tell me who you are. I did leave the house and had dinner with Sarah A. at Summer Kitchen Cafe ... I was actually late, and it was just what I needed.

Thursday after work I went looking for stuff to go with my Loki Halloween costume. I went to three more places and came up empty. I can only blame myself, what was I thinking, the villain in the most popular movie of the year, of course there will be costumes and accessories for it ... wrong!

I headed over to Mae's new house to help her move in. I arrived too late to do anything except eat pizza. I did run into someone I hadn't seen but once in fifteen years who is a friend of Mike. I got a tour of the place, it has a lot of functional space for not being huge. Some of the woodwork is very nice.

Friday I went to the usual dance and then to the Donut Stop. I think it's weird that it's usually the highlight of me week, and barely gets any mention in the blog.

Saturday morning I went running errands, including more unsuccessful shopping for Loki stuff, so I developed a plan B costume. Which I deployed successfully in the evening at Jenny's Halloween costume birthday party.

The birthday Belle and her deadly roommate,
who is giving them bunny ears is unknown. Photo credit: Matt

Hannah seems unconcerned about the angel of death.

Derp! I am I doing this vampire hunting thing right? Photo credit: Matt

The contest winners!
Heather's loofa was the most creative costume I've seen in a while.

Frank came from a movie set, Sarah came from the 1940s. Photo credit: Sarah A.

You can see all my pictures from the party here, Matt's are here. Oddly enough the party ended with us upstairs at Sarah & Dean's house singing Disney karaoke. Sarah A. lost her ride, so Frank and I fought over who would drive her home ... I won ... but we were all heading over to the same place anyway, the end of Kaleb's game night. No games, but I did play some ping pong. We left when Sarah got tired.

Sunday I went to Mass, sort of paid attention to football even though my fantasy teams stink, and ended the day having dinner with Frank at Panda Express.

Next week: More Halloween!

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