02 November 2012

Third Week in September 2012

Monday morning I was back to work after a great Cowtown Jamborama, groan. I did surprise myself and got out of the house and over to Kaleb's for a game. This time we played Flash Point. It's a nifty little fireman / rescue game. It seemed, to me, that there wasn't much chance of the team losing, but still it was fun.

Tuesday after work I cut the lawn and processed pictures from Cowtown.

Wednesday I had dinner with Kevin before he left and went back to Virginia. When I got home, I processed some more pictures.

Thursday after work I went shopping for a few items, I didn't want too many because of the upcoming vacation. I came home and cooked as much as I could. Then later on I went for 2012 run #39: 3.26 miles in 32:17 for a 9:54 min/mile pace. No surprise, after running, I put up the remainder of the Cowtown pictures.

Friday after work, I packed for my vacation. When Cherokee was around, he got me in the habit of packing at the very last minute, because he knew when I packed, that meant I was leaving and got sad / unhappy. Later on I went to the dance, but I didn't stay very late.

Saturday morning, I was off and on my vacation, I was aiming for a 0900 launch time so I would drive through Iowa City (and an Iowa football game). I filled up the gas tank and I was off. My original plan was to take pictures of each of my stops and update Facebook as I went, my plan was undermined by cell phone coverage issues, so some of my stops have pictures, some do not.

First stop Zombie Burger, you know it's a great restaurant idea if people who live two hours away talk about your place all the time.

I drove through to Chicago stopping only in Walcott at the World's Largest Truck Stop. I got a little tired while I was driving, so I wanted to pull over and take a nap, but I didn't find a convenient rest stop, so I just drove on and woke up pretty quickly. The trip went pretty well until Highway 176 was closed in between Marengo and Crystal Lake, so I had to drive through Woodstock to McHenry.

Mommy made me dinner!

In the evening I went out to my favorite McHenry bar, The Gambler, to my high school reunion. I heard a bunch of stories about myself that I didn't remember. I also did a good job of reinforcing to myself that I can still be really, really awkward.

What a nice looking group of people.

Sunday I got up and went to church at Saint Mary's in McHenry. Mom and I watched the Bears play the Rams. This was much more the result that I was expecting from the Bears, it wasn't even as close as the score made it look. We watched some more football until dinner time. We went out to eat at The Village Squire, a place that hasn't changed since before I started high school, at least one thing is sure, the prime rib is still really good.

Next week: Mackinac!

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