14 November 2012

Fourth Week in October 2012

Monday night at it was time for yet another Bears appearance on Monday Night Football. This time we beat the Lions. The usual crowd gathered at DJs Dugout and watched it. The score was close, but the game never felt like it was.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was home sick, I did some chores, but mostly just felt bad.
Thursday my coworker Chris was talking about his buying a new truck, so then I started looking into one ... nothing makes you spend money like a friend spending money.

Friday was the annual Omaha Jitterbugs Halloween costume party dance.

Adam and Dianna's Bob Ross and happy little tree was the
best costume I've seen since last week and Heather's loofa.

Lee's sewing and creativity on my Loki costume was first rate, even if I couldn't
find a scepter or helm. P.S. I won this fight.

You can see all my pictures from the JNO party here, there aren't many. Matt took some too, they are here. Yes, we went to Donut Stop in costume.

Saturday was a 'sort of' busy day. I ran some errands in the morning, played some more Borderlands 2 in the afternoon. Went to church with Frank, and then headed over to Merinda's Halloween costume party in the evening at Ruth's house. I switched back to the Vampire Hunter costume.

Thank you to Frank for making the stake, I wonder where I put that thing.

Cutest. Lion. Ever.

I guess I should have known faeries would get cold in Nebraska.

Vivian found out I wouldn't be voting for the same presidential candidate
that she is planning on voting for. Photo credit: Matt

You can see all of my pictures from the party here. Matt's version can be found here.

Sunday there was another gathering at DJs Dugout to watch the Bears play again. This time against the Carolina Panthers. This game was close for way too long, and it was a one point victory for the Bears. Although, the game never seemed like it was in danger of being a loss, blowouts are definitely more comfortable than close games.

Next week: Did you catch the foreshadowing?

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