10 March 2005

Check 'Em Out

Hey You! I got some links down there on the bottom right hand side, especially for you to ignore. Yeah, it's in the section marked "Links", that's right.
The first one Lots O' Pictures is a link to my yahoo photos page. Pretty much any pictures I take anymore get posted there at 320x240. They are available at a higher resolution should need it, all rights reserved by me. :-)
Next is the Omaha Jitterbugs web page. This is the swing dance group I'm pretty crazy about. It's not just that I have learned to enjoy swing dancing, I've met some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life there... full of fun, and it's good exercise.
Okay, so maybe Homestar can't actually count to three, but he is there in that spot. Sweet Cuppin Cakes will be known to fans to HSR, but you'll have to investigate on your own. Very, very funny stuff. Chances are you here me quoting something off the site about every third breath.
Last is the 88 Improv Group... available for your next birthday, church event, or bar mitzvah. They do improv (duh) in a sort of who's-line-is-it-anyway way, and the business end of the troupe is run by my friend Misty. Guaranteed to be funnier than this blog.

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