14 March 2005

Like, if You Know, You Already Knew

So, this woman I work with, let's call her Genni (because that is her name), drops this stunning revelation on us at work the other day "I like to play the Sims. I play it a lot." Okay, possible misquote aside, you are getting the gist of what was said. Rarely in my life have I heard a statement with so much Duh content.

Yes, I am semi-gossipping about a co-worker, and I said I wouldn't talk about work in this forum, but come-on, she laughed at herself. She did clarify that she likes to build houses and decorate them more than she likes TO CONTROL THE EVERY MOVEMENT *evil laugh* of her Sims. I am not sure if that is more or less damning... especially considering she was saying how she hates to create 'loser' Sims.

I would be curious to see what she names her Sims, but at least I know that the one she calls Eric would be one of the ones she tries to electrocute .

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