09 March 2005

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

This is from a response to a post by Billy on 03/09/05.

i'm with you billy... "duh".

i feel untruth comes from two sources, which really roll into one (the 2nd).

people lie when they want to protect something they have an investment in, financial, emotional, self-esteem, whatever. they want to hold onto what they have, or they perceive they have. you want to keep it, you do what you have to do to keep it.

basic untruth comes from a distrust in God. if we have complete faith, we do not worry about protecting what we 'own' because we realize that all we have, all we know, all we love is much safer in the hands of our Creator. much more so than anything we can do, say, or fabricate to protect it. what we have in our lives that is good is a blessing, it came from God, it belongs to God, whatever it is. it is ours because God wants to share with us.

the only things that actually belong to us are our choices. and in this being our only ownership, we are all equal.

i know that i have had times in my life when i have lied and misled. mostly to protect the illusion that i was a great guy or something like that. i know that people scoff at me now when i say that i'm not that nice a person, what is in me that is good, comes from God as a blessing, hard work, and my choices. this is the truth... and it has set me free.

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