18 March 2005

Micheal Schiavo, Spineless Wimp

An open letter to Michael Schiavo, and I am NOT encouraging or approving of murder in this post.

Michael Schiavo you are a spineless wimp. I don't know how else to say this. (CNN coverage of story). Your story is an unfortunate one from any angle, brain damaged wife, who can only eat and drink via tube, you say that she would not want it to be this way. I believe this. I would not ever want to be in your position concerning a loved one.
But Mr Schiavo, if you believe in your conviction that your wife would be better off dead, why are the courts involved? You have had ample opportunity to make this so. Do you somehow feel by getting the state to pull her feeding tube that your hand will be free of any blood? Someone else doing your dirty work is just as wrong as doing it yourself.
What I read is that you have spent the last eight years engaging the courts. If what you believe is that Terri is suffering, either physically or through indignation to the point that she shouldn't be alive, and you have left her suffering for these eight years while you walk freely. Isn't that your point? You value your freedom more than any feelings of right or wrong in this situation.
I'm not in your shoes Mr. Schiavo, but if you had the courage to do what you say is right, you would have taken matters into your own hands. Your actions, or inactions say that you have no conviction about Terri living or dying, it is merely a matter of convenience to you for her to be gone.


wantrighttoendmylifegirl said...

I must admit, had I been him, I might have just given up and said if her parents want her alive so bad, so be it. Here's the bill... Unfortunately it is always the 'obnoxious'people who draw the media attention and make the changes in the world - look at Dr. Kervorkian. A jerk by any measure, but I respect someone's right to die, if that is their wish. In this case, I fear Congress and the Bushes (Jeb and Geo Jr.) are taking my right to create a living will and throwing it out the window. If I am unresponsive for two weeks, pull the plug. And stop feeding me!! This blog can now be considered a legally binding document, subject to supoena. Isn't that special, Eric??

onionboy said...

if i'm unresponsive for two weeks, i'd call that "binge drinking" ... just pull the plug on the tv, eventually i'll stare at something else.