01 March 2005

Sammy? Moises? Addition by Subraction

Last I checked, in general, pitching and defense wins World Series. Yes, yes, I know you have to put runs on the board, but if you cannot stop the other guy, you won't win many games. For the past ten years or so, the Cubs have been Sammy's team, and they went as far as he and the offense could take them. For those of us who have been fans of the Cubs for a long time, we have seen a lot of teams built on offense, that could occasionally pitch. Quick name one starting pitcher for the Cubs in the 1980s. Okay, Maddux, Suttcliffe, and um, Steve Trout (okay, Eckersley was on the 84 team, but not a sober & focused one)? Quick name some offensive stars on the Cubs in the 1980's. Sandburg, Grace, Durham, Dawson, Dunston, Moreland, Davis, Walton, blah blah blah. There were some people who could really hit the ball. Why did the 84 & 89 teams not win? Too much Zonk, not enough Red Baron. As wonderful as Sammy was for a long stretch for the last few years... he could not get the Cubs to the World Series. If we go over the next five years, the reason we get there is named Wood, Prior, and Zambrano. There are no guarantees, the A's couldn't do it with Hudson, Mulder, and Zito, but certainly a middle of the road hitting club with three ace pitchers has a much better shot than a good hitting club with one ace and four whos? I have sat out in the bleachers enough to have a great deal of affection for Sammy, but you know, when it's done, it's done and time to move on. I boldly said when the Cubs drafted Prior, that 2004 would be the year they would be competitive, they made it in 2003. Yes 2004 was a bad year, seemingly what could go wrong, did go wrong, but that kind of disaster only happens once a century? Well 2005/6/7 could be the years when something else happens that hasn't in a century. I put my faith in Kerry, Mark, and Carlos.

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