08 March 2005


Okay, so the SO stands for significant other... if you are familiar with the Tita blog, you can probably figure out the FA pretty quickly. So Holly hasn't really been talking to me over the past few weeks, but she asked me to be patient... so I figured I was just waiting it out while she got ready for whatever it was. I walk to her desk today and she has this huge bouquet of freaking RED roses. My flowers I gave her were still there, but there looked so puny and insignificant, which is exactly how I felt when I saw them. She wouldn't answer when I said "Hey, those aren't from me..." which may have been a little on the passive-aggressive side, but still. Later she wanted to know why I wasn't talking to her... um...

It's my own fault, I broke all three of my rules with her, at once, and I really have no complaints. I just hate that being lonely feeling. :-(

So thank you to my supportive friends about this.

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