15 March 2005

A Cheesey Post

Okay, I've discovered that I cannot cook anything without cheese. I realized I had a problem when I was adding some shredded cheddar to my Eggo's a couple mornings ago... it wasn't very good. I think a mellower cheese would have been much better mix with the syrup, maybe a gouda. Seriously though, I can give up cheese anytime I want, just ask my cats Monterey Jack and Colby. They make cheese-less pizzas, i guess, somewhere... and it's not a law that you have to put cheese on your tacos, right? I was just thinking back to my article about cooking dinner for Tita and Monica... I didn't put cheese on my steamed green beans, well, not very much anyways... and that whole thing about being given a key to the state of Wisconsin, pure rumor. Nobody's ever caught me drinking nacho dip out of the container at the convenience store, sure there's been a couple close calls, but I've never been caught. So what if I can say cheese in more languages than I can say beer in... or hello. It's not a problem.

¿donde esta muy queso?


Anonymous said...

Where is very cheese?


needalifegirl said...

I thought I was the only one with a cheese problem. I too, use far too much of the stuff. There isn't a food that couldn't be enhanced by covering with cheese and/or deep frying....