03 March 2005

How Much Food Can Two Skinny College Girls Eat?

Last night was the last Bal-Swing lesson (I'll be in the next class too, but that's a different story). So I invited Monica & Tita over for dinner before the class. I made salad, linguini and sausage w/ marinara, garlic bread, and steamed green beans. I thought I made enough for about six servings (except for the beans)... gone. Okay, I finished off the last of the sausage and pasta today for lunch, and there is still some salad left, but holy batman. I guess I had forgotten what is was like to have a home cooked meal while in school or the military. I think the only reason anything was left was we had to leave for class so we could be 1/2 hour late. Tita & Mon, you are official members of the clean plate club. They loved Cherokee, Zeke, and Sierra, but only Tita would play with Mandy & Sis. I don't know how dogs do it, but Cherokee immediately began begging from Monica, but she wasn't sharing. The only question remaining is who is going to help with the dishes?

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