28 December 2006

Christmas Scenes 2006

Yes, it is true, I had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which is why all of my secular celebrating took place Christmas evening, and on the 26th.

Much thanks to Viv & her mom for allowing me to eat at their house for Christmas dinner. Also thanks to Robin for allowing me to host a party for her.

So without further ado, on to the photographs and clever captions. First up, Christmas dinner and gift exchange at Viv's parents.

Christmas 06 01
Vivian gets her first gift, a wedding ring from Paul Bunyan.

Christmas 06 18
*singing* ... we three cheese of orient are, traveling to Viv's tummy so far ...

1. Christmas 06 06 2. Christmas 06 07
3. Christmas 06 08 4. Christmas 06 09
milk chocolate covered coffee beans - 30%
dark chocolate espresso beans - 30%
Heath toffee crunch bites - 30%
Reese's peanut butter bites - 10%
not being able to tell which is which before biting in to them - priceless
(edit) - this was not as bad as the sequence makes it look.

Christmas 06 23
Hugh never misses an episode of The Office. Then again, neither does Venche.

Christmas 06 13
I don't see the resemblance.

Christmas 06 16 Christmas 06 15
Venche and Onionboy show off their loot.

Christmas 06 22
Viv might have had just a bit too much of whatever that is to drink.

Christmas 06 24
Lights! Camera! Action! My hair has such full body!

The next day we had a Christmas Party for the recently returned RockinRobin.

Christmas 06 24
And now, just back from her whirlwind tour of 22 eastern states...

Christmas 06 45
Tim says "Enough pictures of my wife, I want more of me!"

Christmas 06 34
What could be slower than the OnionBoy opening a gift?

Christmas 06 37 Christmas 06 38
Only one of these two behaved themselves during the evening.

Christmas 06 42
Melissa wonders if this will go with her too-cool-for-words boots

Christmas 06 28
Viv shows off her custom designed t-shirt that says "i am the cheese queen"

Christmas 06 48
She isn't smiling because of the gift, she is smiling because according to RockinRobin math, she only has eleven more days of being pregnant.

Christmas 06 50 Christmas 06 51
Like every holiday, someone overdoes it and is too tired to drive themselves home, so they have to put up with the dual threats of sleeping on the couch, and the camera!

You can see all 51 photos in this set here.


Janna said...

What fun!
My favorites are the ones with the chocolates.
"not knowing which is which before biting into them... priceless."
How true! :)

Anonymous said...
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Viv said...

In defending Venche... Not Funny. My opinion... Freakin Hilarious!!!
Thanks for helping it be a great Christmas!