05 December 2006


I bought a brown velvet suit coat from Target. Viv & Mae had to put considerable effort into convincing me to buy one, it went something like "I like the brown on you." and "it looks nice." Very manipulative and effective... that and the purple one didn't fit right. I am thinking it will look quite fashionable (as if I knew anything about that) with a white turtleneck.

brown velveteen, simple and clean...

I am quite done with my Christmas shopping for myself now, I also bought a new 19" flat screen monitor for the computer. My shopping for others is about 1/3 done. I have some good ideas for a few people, not so many for others.


The Schizophrenic Elf said...

Oooo, Onions is going fashionable! *laughs* Good job, Viv and Mae!

Anonymous said...

Wow- you have lost weight since I last saw you.. That new jacket is stunning on you. I didn't know you were a model.