12 December 2006

Scenes from shopping

I went shopping today, both Christmas and grocery shopping. I saw a couple of picture worthy things.

shopping 121106_02
yes, that is the suit coat I just paid full price for less than two weeks ago. Grrr!

shopping 121106_02
perhaps someone can tell me what exactly is on sale here ... um, nevermind, I don't think I want the culpability of knowing.


Anonymous said...

None of my business..but you can take the receipt back to Target and get them to adjust your receipt on that suit coat- I believe within 14 days of purchase. :) Bonus on the sale!
Have a great day.

onionboy said...

Yes! You are correct, if an item goes on sale, you can go and get a credit within 14 days. I checked it out.

UNFORTUNATELY, this item is on clearance, not on sale, and it does not qualify.

An important $30 technicality.

Get A Life! said...

Well, that stinks!

I hate it when stuff goes cheaper after you bought it. Tell yourself it wouldn't have been available in your size if you had waited. (Do NOT look at rack to see 3 others there)

Or buy one in another color!

onionboy said...

here is the follow up: i have a brown velvet coat, it is not the same brown velvet coat that i first bought, this one was purchased at the discounted price.