20 December 2006

The purpose of cats is? v0002

Zeke wonders "can't you pile warm, dry clothes on me?"

What is the purpose of cats again? I literally cannot start my dryer without a cat check.


Janna said...

Awww, this is cute!
The expression on his face is face is adorable-- he's saying "Yeah? Whaddya want?"

Janna said...

Woops, ignore the typo there. I could blame it on the eggnog, but I didn't have any...

Morgen said...

Ha! Janna sent me over here to check out the pic of the kitty in the dryer -- wonderful expression!
My little Chloe dove under the covers last night for the first time and was in thigh-heated heaven!

I love your review of A wonderful world by Tony Bennett & kd lang -- I LOVE her voice (I've seen her in concert and wow -- what a performer) I'll have to check her out!

Happy New Year!
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