03 December 2006

Zoot Suit Riot

My company had it's annual holiday party on Friday. It was 20's themed, once again this year Venche was my "date", and we both rolled out in our finest period threads. I left the tommy gun at home, but took my mojo and had a great time.

zoot suit 02
Hey, whooz got da best lookin dame? Fahgetta bout it.

zoot suit 03
Dere was all kinds o' shennanigans goin' on.

zoot suit 01
Dis here couple was cuttin rugs like dere shoes was made o' switchblades.

zoot suit 08
My buddy Ted & I just couldn't agree bout dese two.

zoot suit 09
Brian, he don't trust no bank, so dat tie's made o' real gold. Don't touch, in fact don't even look.

zoot suit 12
End o' da night, we is still standin' and dere ain't a copper in sight.

1 comment:

Janna said...

You're in the mob!
How fun!
Shoulda brought the tommy gun. :)