08 December 2006

The streak is over

It is over. My consecutive Friday JNO dance streak is coming to an end tonight. The last one I think I missed was sometime in February 2005, but it might have been as long as November 2004. Going with the later date, the streak was nearly to 100. I will be in bed shortly, and hopefully asleep shortly after that. The streak has fallen victim to a combination of Christmas goings on and having to work this week. Four nights out late in a row on regular work week is just not going to cut it... after all when you get to bed after 10pm, 4:15 comes at you awfully quickly.

So good night all you jitterbugs, I will see you next week.

edit 0500 12/09
It turned out to be the right decision, I was in bed, asleep before 7pm and slept all the way through the night.

1 comment:

Viv said...

ARG!!! You are forgeting about September 15th matty! Don't you remember when you sailed down the Missouri River?