19 December 2006

Zoo Wild Lights 2006

Jenny Jitterbug, Hugh, Viv, and I went to Wild Lights at the Henry Doorly Zoo on Monday night. There was a mysterious fifth member of our party, well it was Maegmariel, who was working, so not really a member of the party, and objecting mightily to her pictures being taken, what's up with that?

Wild Lights is very cool, well, it is if you like lights, the pictures should be self explanatory. There was also a "petting" tank at the aquarium, we got to touch a horseshoe crab (the topside only) and a bamboo shark (Hugh tried to pick it up). Thanks to a view of the underside of the crab, I now know where the inspiration came for just about every weird threatening alien in any movie (what is that). The bamboo shark had about a two inch stripe of very rough skin on the top of it running lengthwise, but the rest of the skin was very soft. No pictures of the shark, the light was low, and I didn't think I could get a shot through the water.

Zoo_Lights 04
first stop, the gingerbread cottage.

Zoo_Lights 05
double J and I right before the witch came out of the cottage.

Zoo_Lights 02
do you know how to work that thing?

Zoo_Lights 06
sure, Hugh makes one little comment, and JennyJitterbug has us both arrested.

Zoo_Lights 19
yes, that is my head in the alligator's mouth, maybe being arrested wasn't so bad.

Zoo_Lights 07
Viv, check it out - a turtle.

Zoo_Lights 15
a turtle, where?

Zoo_Lights 11
right over there, quick before it hides!

Zoo_Lights 14
while everyone else was checking out the crawfish, I was making friends with this guy here. we kind of watched each other through the glass for at least three minutes, until a herd of immature humans came over yelling "look it's Dori" at the other fish in the tank.

Zoo_Lights 01
back at the gift shop, I got this picture of Viv & Maegmariel. Maegmariel is there, ducking down behind the cash register.

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Anonymous said...

I love these very festive pictures!
Merry Christmas!