21 December 2006

December is just another word for up'n'down

edit the poem mentioned in this post is back up, after some supportive words and some thoughts I dedided it should be here. It can be found here: click me!

Those of you who have known me a while know that the word balance to me is more than just standing in the middle of the teeter-totter ... it is much more of a way of life to me. I strive to find the middle, particularly emotionally. Not too up, not too down, just get to the middle and then move all of me towards the happiness end of the spectrum.

Not this month! I've hit just about every emotion in abundance this month that you can get too. It's crazy, or more to the point I have been. I feel like I have been a photon in wave form, and I just want to get back to being a particle. I am happy to say that I think I have managed to get through most of this with some sort of grace, only whining to a few friends and for the most part keeping my mouth shut.

For the most part ... which leads me to this. I would like to publicly apologize to any and all I may have offended this month by having my frustrations come out sideways. I will do better. I would like to especially apologize to those people who were offended by my (now deleted) post poem about religious non-acceptance. It represented several years (a lifetime?) of frustration at non-acceptance and general social injustice rather than a single event. Although the piece was cathartic (an interesting word) for me, I quickly realized that a public forum was not the place for such a diatribe, so I deleted it. In the future I will more carefully consider what might be a post issue and what might be a private issue.


Troy said...

Really, this *isn't* so much a public forum as it is a place for you to share your thoughts. Personally, I thought your poem was thoughtful and touching. It also illustrated that Love (with the capital 'l') needs to be shown to everyone, not just those that fit into our narrow stereotypes.

Your blog is about *you*, not about anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Troy- Very nicely said. I agree.