06 December 2006

P-Cats, Club Nico, and Lots of Fun

I went to the Omaha Food Bank benefit last night at Club Nico, it was called Swing a Star and featured Omaha Jitterbugs dancers paired with local Omaha celebs in a Dancing with the Stars format... oh, and music by (onionboy fave) The Prairie Cats.

Even if the Prairie Cats and the Omaha Jitterbugs were not involved, I might have been interested in this event in any case. Hungry people rarely make good decisions for themselves, let alone for their children, or for society in general. I am trying to minimize the opinions here, but the food banks and soup kitchens I have dealt with are very clear on their mission, supply the people with their basic needs, get them back on their feet, and give them the opportunity to change their lives ... which I believe is all any of us would want in that position. Probably feeding the poor is not exactly a radical point of view.

Club Nico was quite cool. I like the design and the flow. Not enough dance space for my liking, but it was fairly attractive with the largest mirrored disco ball I have ever seen.

Onto the contest. The dancing was, at least, entertaining. Brian ended up winning with KETV's Brandi Petersen. Second was Nate and KETV's Jana Murrell (Miss Nebraska 2005). Third place came in with Sharon and KMTV's Cory Rangel. Most of the dancing was more of the entertaining variety, although it was clear that the three winners would be good with some practice.

The Prairie Cats were good as usual. It should be no surprise to anyone I enjoy their music a lot. Nate gave most of the credit to Jeff Koterba for the success of the event... and it was.

Although all four Omaha TV stations had people competing, only one has posted a news story as of yet:
KETV News - Brandi Can Dance (may not work on your computer)

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jeff koterba said...

Onionboy--Thanks for helping to make the event a success!

daddy k.