02 January 2007

Happy New Year 2007 Style

Happy New Year to all. The visual evidence of this year is much less incriminating than that of the past few years, in fact, my activities of the night were more restrained also. Enough yabbering onto the pictures.

new years 2007 01
Didn't anyone tell Spanky I was on the wagon? Spanky drank his with a straight face, however, Mae, Michaela, and I didn't fare so well, yuck. Bonus points for you if you can guess from the picture which one I drank.

new years 2007 04
Fortunately, Spanky is a way better cook than bartender. This was all super-tasty, including the cookies and bread made by Viv and I.

100_2344 (cliff) new years 2007 09 new years 2007 25 new years 2007 06
In addition to food and drinks, there was plenty of dancing, beautiful people, games, and friends!

new years 2007 03
Too cool for 2006.

100_2330 (cliff)
Mae says "Hey, look, Schmendrick is back from California! The snow didn't keep him away, darn it ... I mean good."

100_2317 (cliff)
Whatever Matt just said, it had to be funny.

new years 2007 10 100_2291 (cliff)
Andrew loves it when you take his picture! "What! You're going to put it on the internet?"

100_2317 (cliff)
Timmo & Dave sporting two great hairstyles!

100_2259 (cliff) 100_2283 (cliff) 100_2301 (cliff)
I danced WAY more than I drank, cause dancing is more fun.

100_2300 (cliff)
Jinx disagrees, well, she probably doesn't like drinking either.

100_2323 (cliff) 100_2329 (cliff)
Woohoo! It's midnight! Okay ladies line up to get your official new years kiss from The Onionboy! Hey! Where did everyone go?

new years 2007 23
A New Years Resolution for everyone ... never ever tickle this.

Much thanks to Cliff for allowing me to borrow pictures, you can see all 104 photos in his set here. You can see all 26 photos in my set here.

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Viv said...

My first comment in 2007... WAHOO!! I guess the drink on the right.

Anonymous said...

onionboy you had to have drank from the Chicago glass of course! :)


mattj said...

Whatever I said really seems to have freaked Kari out. o_O;