20 January 2007

It's a cartoon world...

Okay, I am not the biggest south park fan, but this thing was just too much fun to resist goofing off with. Much thanks to Jannaverse for this delightful little diversion.

Me! I hope my hair is sufficiently messed up.

Seriously, this is exactly what Viv looks like with her hat on.

This was a half serious attempt of Venche from the picture on my desk.

If you have to ask who this guy could be holding a sword & shield and wearing a wedding dress, well you just don't know, do you.

The Cornstalker here, why don't they just have the right hair color???

Hmmm, it looks like Maegmariel is doing some last minute studying after another late night playing Wii

Yes, MistyJoJangles, you are so tough with your cute little teddy bear!

And what collection of 'photos' is complete without a picture of my piratey twin, OnionBeard? Arg!

For sure I wish they had one of these for the Order of the Stick *sigh*. You can get your own at: South Park Studio v2. Thanks to them also.

edit: if you make one of these of me, i will post it - call it fan art!


Viv said...

LOL! LOL!!! That is SO Funny!!! I need to figure out how you did that. I love the ice cream you gave yourself and the cheese shirt you gave me.

Sarah said...

Me? Study? Ha. Good joke.

Janna said...

Wasn't that fun?
Love your piratey ice cream cone.
And I feel I know your friends SO much better now! :)

The Schizophrenic Elf said...

Oh, I feel loved. ;)

That's hysterical.

I love the pics you pulled together. *giggles*

BTW- Yeah. We're back.

Get A Life! said...

Awesome! Thanks for the link.

Matt J. said...

Aw, those are so CUTE! You needed to make me look just a bit crazier, but you got Viv's hat just right.