10 January 2007

Help Wanted

Hey Jitterbugs (et al), looking for something to do on Saturday, January 13? Friends of the Omaha Jitterbugs, Great Adventures Ministries, is leasing the basement of the building at 1316 Jones Street in Omaha, and is the process of doing some (de)construction in the basement.

They have supported the Jitterbugs consistently over the last couple of years by putting people on the dance floor at JNO and using our DJ's and instructors for lessons. There has even been talk of them putting a dance floor in their space and allowing us to use their facility in case we ever, you know, were pre-empted by something else going on at the Eagles Club... Let's return the favor.

This will be hard, dirty, heavy work, but should be emotionally satisfying. They are asking people to bring leather gloves, socket set, work clothes & boots, cleaning supplies, cleaning gloves, fiberglass ladders (not an extension ladder), hammers, crow bars, cordless screw drivers, old sheets. Not mentioned but definitely needed are safety googles and plenty of fluids for you to drink.

The times are 0900-1400 (that's 9am to 2pm for those of you 24hr clock challenged). See some of you there!

There have been some edits containing updated information and corrections.

1 comment:

mattj said...

This sounds very cool! The Great Adventures Ministries is a fun group and I'm glad they got to secure some space right in the heart of downtown Omaha.