30 January 2007

It's a cartoon world... v0003

The post that just won't go away, Gingerkid has this take and description of me:

Onionboy doing all his favorite things (including sleeping)

You can see Gingerkid's "southparkerized" versions of her, her boy Michael, and me here.


Viv said...

It looks like you are singing! :-) I think it looks just like you!

Jenny Jitterbug said...

That's so you, it's scary!!! :)

The Schizophrenic Elf said...

I love to see the way our self-image differs from the way the people around us see us.

... That's a little confusing ...


As it is, I am still a little weirded out by your SP version of me. *glares good-naturedly*