15 January 2007

16 months later

At least for the time being, I can fill up for right around $20.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, I think that powerful people just do what they want right out in front of everyone with a minimum of trying to hide it. In mid-August 05 I published this post about how oil company execs and toadies would get their money back from the collapse of Enron and the Katrina mess ... they would just raise gas prices until they got it back from us, and afterwards, gas prices would come back down to near their pre-Enron, pre-Katrina levels. Oh look, gas is under $2.00 again in the Omaha area. I figure I contributed around $650-$700 during the last sixteen months. Enjoy it now, Mr. & Ms. Empty Suit, I think it will be tough to take with you when you divest yourself of this mortal realm.

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