30 January 2007

Midwest Balboa Festival

Yes! It is almost time for another Omaha Jitterbugs event! The Midwest Balboa Swing Festival is at the end of March, and I've jumped through hoops a plenty to get myself off of work to attend.

midwest balfest

For those of you who aren't familiar with balboa as a dance, balboa is like eating perfect fudge to other dances being like chewing on raw sugar cane. The only other dance I've seen that compares in it's intimacy is tango (which I can't do). When I took my first balboa class, Billy said it would become my favorite dance, and he is right. The connection, the feel, the closeness, it is true that pure balboa is not as exciting to watch as some other dances, but when you dance it, particularly with someone you are comfortable with, you KNOW you are dancing. It is SWEET!

Live bands, great dancers from all over the country, heck, just listening to Peter Loggins talk about the history of dance is worth the price of admission.

Sign up today!

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Anonymous said...

the little bit of balboa that i have danced has me liking it a great deal. however, as you know, my green back stack is a little slack right now, so i don't think i'll be able to make it. if you want to show me more moves though, i'd be a willing student! :-)