08 April 2007

Blessed Easter

This picture is out of context. It was at a toga party, and actually we were all having a very good time. I was messing around with the filters on my phone, and this came out.
toga 3
I realize that it is MistyJoJangles and Viv, but I couldn't help thinking right away of Jesus and Peter at some point during the last supper. Jesus bearing the weight of His on coming torture and death, and Peter lost that the Lord would say He would deny Him. I find it interestingly sad when the secular world, non-Christians, and clueless Christians accuse the Jewish people of the torture and death our Savior endured ... any Christian need only look as far as the nearest mirror to find the reason He was killed, to take our place, to free us of our just penalty.

Amazingly and gladly, He did. The tomb is empty, our future is full.

Have a happy and blessed Easter.

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