23 April 2007

He's dead Jim...

...for those of you who know that I don't care for television or movies, Order of the Stick is my "Lost" or "The Office" or "American Idol". Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday" I watch my show...

strip 443 screen shot
Roy Greenhilt, LG Fighter, Strips 1-443. May he rest in peace.

Rich Burlew knows how to make a story interesting. Wow. Roy is/was THE main character in the story, and he has just been killed. Yes, it is a comic strip, yes, it is set in the D&D world, so Roy is just a resurrection spell away from being revived, but Burlew keeps me guessing at what happens next, he keeps his thousands of readers guessing, and I admit, I am rarely right about the next happening ... and I am usually one who can see through plots.

I admit it, I have not any good guess now. I read through the forums and seen everyone's good guesses, but nothing seems right. I think it's just as likely Burlew lets Roy stay dead as any other device.

I can't wait for the next installment.


Sarah said...

Good job spoiling it for me! ;)

I hadn't gotten to checking the webcomics yet. But seriously? Dead?

onionboy said...

oops, I guess I should have titled it "spoiler alert"