08 April 2007

The Midwest Balboa Swing Festival - Saturday

I woke up Saturday in time for classes. Got in my car went over to do some shopping for all the essentials, donuts, milk, a charger for my new phone, and a bluetooth hands free headset for the new phone. It took less time than I thought it would, so I got downtown in time to pretty much be the first one there.

What the Eagle's club looks like when you are early.

The first class I took was a shag class, I chose it because I didn't want to take the other class being offered, it was a "what the hell" kind of decision, and we know what Marilyn Monroe said about those kind of decisions. Well, she was right, I absolutely loved it. I always thought that I would hate the dance because it looked like it was just too much energy. Well it is a lot of energy, and my muscles aren't used to it, but it wasn't as much as I thought it would be. I liked it, and I hope I can get someone in Cowtown to practice it with me.

One of the Shag instructors, Shannon dancing a short shag demo. Okay we didn't learn that many moves, but still.

The second class I took was a foxtrot class, I thought I would like it because Viv kind of went on about it. I might have liked it, if I could actually do it, but for the life of me, I could go to the right with the box step, but I couldn't make my feet come back to the left.

We went to Runza for lunch, and by we, I mean like 1/2 the attendees. There was a bit of laughing going on, and naturally we were a little late getting back from the our fast food. So the first class after lunch was out, so I look the second, which was taught by P-Log and Mmmmia (someday I'm just going to use real names only, I swear) and was simply entitled 'swing'. I love classes by P-Log, he never gets bent out of shape about how a move is supposed to be done. He talks about social dancing, looking good, and making it feel good. I'm a little slow on the uptake for classes, so I didn't get everything he was showing us, but I did get some ideas at least.

Next I went upstairs and had one big class with Dean, the original Balboa dancer. He taught some slow balboa. I liked the moves a lot. Dean didn't like my styling, I think it will be a while before it all sinks in and I'll be able to dance it.

In between the last afternoon class and the night dance we went and met Robin at Old Chicago. See that posting here.

The night dance was more of the same from the previous night. I decided to compete in the pure Balboa contest. Stilldancin' agreed to be my partner.

IMG_1320.jpg - cornstalker
The couple that should have won.

P-Log kept talking up how it was all about pure bal, no seperating, no bouncing, and just keep dancing steady. I thought we did a great job, and I've seen some video (we are towards the middle of the video, I'm in a green shirt). Evidentily, there was some "hidden" criterea, which I didn't posess. I did really enjoy the format, it was a "tap out". As soon as you suck, someone comes and taps you out to give you the boot.

Synopsisdog can't believe the judges showed Stilldancin' and I the gate.

After some more social dancing, the next event was the Bal-Swing contest. Viv and Mark entered, and it was great to see them get out and do their best.

Go Viv! Go Mark!

Takashi and Jill were doing great, they were the last two out of 'the money'.

Then of course there was the debacle that was the Saturday late night. I came home to let Cherokee out before I went, fell asleep on my bed fully clothed, and slept through two text messages and four phone calls from people worried about where I was. I guess I might have been a little worn out.

Thanks to Cornstalker for several photos and one video more or less with implied permission.

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