03 April 2007

Daniel's first visit

'Uncle' OnionBoy finally got to see his nephew. This is the first very close friend of mine to have a baby. Rock'n'Robin came into town on the same weekend of the Midwest Balboa Swing Festival, nice timing, but we worked out dinner for eight or so, at Old Chicago downtown on Saturday in between classes and the evening dance. Unexpectedly, about twenty other dancers showed up for dinner too. Tim got there later after a guy movie with one of his friends. Daniel was perfectly behaved, sleeping through being held by about a dozen people.

Me, Rock'n'Robin, and Daniel. Yes, I know how to hold a baby.

Aw! Bay-bee!

IM003538.JPG IM003537.JPG IM003540.JPG IM003542_1.JPG
Mae, Viv, JustSmileChild, and Sharona take Daniel for a test drive.

And what visit from Rock'n'Robin wouldn't include swing dancing?

I also have a cute video of Sharona dancing the hustle with Daniel in his arms, which I may decide to add in about a week when Sprint and YouTube decide to transfer and publish the file.

Daniel also made it to the dance later on Saturday night so most everyone got to hold him who wanted to.

Thanks to Cornstalker for one 'borrowed' photo.

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Janna said...

"Uncle OnionBoy" sounds like a cool name for a rock band.