18 April 2007

Tuesday was sports day

In my never ending quest to confuse readers with stuff they don't understand, yesterday was (mostly) about sports.

In the morning, I got up early and went to church. As I've said before in this space, I like to go to a certain Mass because all the kids from the Catholic school are there. After the service was over a young girl came up to me and said I had a very nice singing voice... ah, the occasional power of a word of encouragement.

In the afternoon Viv and I went golfing over at Papio Greens (par 3 course) in Papillion. As far as natural abilities go at a sport, she has a knack for it when she just relaxes and swings, putting doesn't seem to be a mystery to her at all. Obviously, practice makes one better, but I think she could be very good. According to my blog (as if anyone believes that rag), the last time we went golfing, she had a 51, and I had a 31. This time she had a 48, and I had a 29. I had to make a couple of decent sized putts on the last two holes to preserve my 29 (yeah me!). Ooh and there were a nesting pair of Red Tailed Hawks in a tree on the west side of the back nine.

After golf, we went by Culvers and got some ice cream, and went and hung out with Merinda for a while.

In the evening I played basketball with the kids (young adults) from Great Adventures. It was full court five on five. I had forgotten how to save energy while playing, so after about the first three minutes, I was ready to throw up, and had a couple of nice floor burns. I figured it out pretty quickly, that is how to save energy, not how to play. I suck at that game. The weird part about basketball for me is that even though I am relatively tall, I am shorter than my younger brothers. When we started to play a lot, my friends were taller than me too, including Ted who is 6'8", so I learned to play point guard. Now I'm one of the tallest in this group, and it's tough for me to play inside. I did on the last game. Anyways for a sport I stink at, and how I'm 10-15 years older than everyone else on the floor. I did well.

I tried to take a charge from one of the smaller ladies, I got position, set myself, she ran into me, and bounced right off ... I should have flopped.

Oh, and this old man can STILL jump up and touch the rim!

In other news: Happy first anniversary to my nasal surgery!


The Schizophrenic Elf said...

Onions, there simiply is NO stopping a post-player who is set for a charge. It doesn't matter where you are on the court, the other team person will automatically go sprawling. There's no feeling quite like seeing a small body in a jersey go *whump* *koosh* *thud*. Just like that.

onionboy said...

yeah, sure, the post player...

but when the 95# point guard runs into the 185# onionboy, nothing happens.