20 April 2007

Random photos from my week

Cherokee manages to get his eyes open ... sort of.

Zoo 2007 04 07 01 Zoo 2007 04 07 02
"Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar, and be better off than you are, or would you like to be a gorilla?"

Zoo 2007 04 07 06
Obligitory caption about who is in the cage and who is not ... ha ha ha.

This picture took itself
I know that this picture is of, the inside of my car, but I think the phone took it all by itself.

This picture took itself
Cornstalker does karaoke for the very first time ever. It turns out he can sing. Here he is singing "(You make me feel like a) Natural Woman", or something.

This picture took itself
"...my lover stands on golden sands, and watches the ships, that come sailing..."

Zoo 2007 04 07 05
Maegmariel says "You aren't going to make me listen to those two sing, are you? It's bad enough to have to dance with them."

Thanks to Cornstalker for a couple of photos more or less with implied permission.


Janna said...

The karaoke sounds fun.
One of these days you should do an audio post of you singing.

Janna said...

And I thought your pet Cherokee was a CAT... didn't realize he's a dog until I saw this picture.
In other posts, when you've mentioned him, I've been picturing a cat all this time.
Guess I'm just a poor confused person.
Nice to know some things never change. :)

Sarah said...

RE: Pic #4: "Gorilla Valley: Where the gorillas run free and the visitors are captive!"

>.< I've heard that way too many times...

RE: last pic: Congratulations. You have taken the only good picture of me head-on without severe photoshopping.