12 April 2007

The Midwest Balboa Swing Festival - Sunday

As stated on the Saturday post, I woke up Sunday morning fully clothed in my bed having slept through all those calls and texts. The first thing I did was call Viv and let her know I was okay.

I rolled out of the rack, got ready, went to Subway and picked up a sandwich, and headed to the Eagles for more dance lessons. There was only one track for Sunday, it was upstairs. Fortunately, it was also at 1100, so I could kind of get my way there at a leisurely pace. The afternoon classes were training for the Big Apple contest, I had no intention of competing in the contest, but Mae convinced me it would be fun to try learn some of the moves. It was. I like the 'called' aspect of the Big Apple much more so than the routine. Maybe it was the way Lance and Shannon taught it. Lance played a really good April Fools joke on Shannon. He waited until it was quiet, and then he said "I'd like to teach you the next move, but my ankle hurts, so here is Shannon to show you the _insert made up move_", then he walked off, and poor Shannon is standing in the middle of sixty people having no idea what to do.

IMG_5716 - alpacaboy
Seriously, it's a Big Apple move, check out Jenny from Minnesota laughing in the background.

Finally I headed home, actually got a nap, and then headed out to the night event with the Southside Aces at the Naughty Lounge. First off let me say this: the floor at the Naughty was SO good that I actually asked Nate if they replaced it for this event. It turns out that it was a liberal application of dance wax to the floor that made it suddenly dancable.

Yes, this floor. I've danced on it before when you couldn't slide a teflon ball across it.

The highlight of the evening was the band. Naturally, I can't find a single picture of them playing on any of the sites I usually, um, borrow pictures from. They were incredible. They played five sets until the wee hours of the morning despite having to work their real jobs Monday ... in Minnesota! They have drums, a guitar, a sousaphone, trombone, clarinet, and a trumpet player. When they had a song with lyrics, they just sang it all together without microphones, it was very entertaining. Evidentily, the trumpet player was a last minute replacement, and was picked up on the way. Didn't matter, they were incredible. Speaking of the trumptet player, not only was he extremely talented, but some of the ladies described him words like "dreamy", he caused much swooning ... musicians get all the girls.

The Big Apple Contestants - cornstalker
SwingingStar, move out of the way, we can't see the trumpet player!

I'm sorry I didn't buy a disk from them, I might ask Stilldancin' to pick me up one or two and send it to me.

There was also the Big Apple contest, advertised as the first of it's kind in 70 years. Since there was a jazz historian making the calls, I am sure they knew what they were talking about. Since the contestants only had the afternoon to learn the moves, I'm sure the dancing wasn't as good as it was 70 years ago, but any called dance (like square dancing) half the entertainment is watching the dancers react to the calls.

Was that 'Truck to the right' or 'Suzie Q to the left'?

The party just kept going on and on. I heard that there people there almost two hours after I left.

IM003546_1.JPG IM003549.JPG
Spanky wants to know if Viv wants to give it a try. Who would have thought Viv would try some of someone elses drink ... everyone!

Cornstalker leads Mariposita around the floor.

Stilldancin' and I dancing dangerously close.

Well, it IS called the Naughty Lounge and Viv looks like she knows how to dance with the pole.

The 'word' from the out of town attendees is that Omaha Cowtown knows how to throw a party. Thanks to all who made this event cool.

Thanks to Alpacaboy, Stilldancin' and Cornstalker for several photos more or less with implied permission.
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