29 April 2007


Manly capris
Yes, we have a dress code where I work, which sometimes gets stretched on weekends. I was walking through a different part of the building on Saturday, and there was a gentleman wearing shorts, no wait, those aren't shorts, they go a good four inches below his knees ... yes, he is wearing capris. A very nice look, tan capris go very well with his gorilla thick black leg hair.

Get off the farm much?
I drove through McDonald's for lunch yesterday. The couple in front of me were quite obviously making their first trip A) to a McDonalds; B) through a fast food drive-thru. They loudly read the whole menu and discussed it for about four minutes, which of course, confused the drive through girl. Finally after ordering, the woman is yelling at the menu "do we get a senior discount?" Naturally, they pulled right back into the parking lot after leaving.


Janna said...

1) Wow, interesting mental image with the capri-wearing gorilla. Yikes!

2) I know what you mean about the clueless drive-thru people. Now and then I get behind that same car, I think!!

Janna said...

By the way, my "word verification" thingy was "Ryfex", which sounds like a prescription drug.

"Is Ryfex right for you? Ask your doctor!"