30 April 2007

Everlasting Water

New poem / song lyrics I wrote, this time I am just going to sit down with justsmilechild (if she'll help) to get the music to it instead of trying to do it on my own.

Everlasting Water

Am I seeing a mirage? I wander in the dust,
water appears in the distance, but it seems thirst I only trust.
Clouds on the horizon, but no rain do they give,
my parched life is dried up, I need some water to live.

Everlasting water, everlasting love.
Wash over me, fill me from above.
In just one drink, one taste will I know,
that you want to fill my cup, with water overflow.

Failed trust in myself, so much that I knew,
all the world had taught me, before I met you.
Now I just know peace, the world can't disturb,
you pour love over me, by your precious word.

Everlasting water, everlasting love.
Wash over me, fill me from above.
In just one drink, one taste will I know,
that you want to fill my cup, with water overflow.

For just one drink,
for just one sip,
for just one moment,
for this I live,
for just one drop,
for just one taste,
for just one forever,
I rush in haste.

Everlasting water, everlasting love.
Wash over me, fill me from above.
In just one drink, one taste will I know,
that you want to fill my cup, with water overflow.

Your word is ... my everlasting water.

My everlasting water...
my everlasting water...
my everlasting water...
my everlasting water...

29 April 2007


Manly capris
Yes, we have a dress code where I work, which sometimes gets stretched on weekends. I was walking through a different part of the building on Saturday, and there was a gentleman wearing shorts, no wait, those aren't shorts, they go a good four inches below his knees ... yes, he is wearing capris. A very nice look, tan capris go very well with his gorilla thick black leg hair.

Get off the farm much?
I drove through McDonald's for lunch yesterday. The couple in front of me were quite obviously making their first trip A) to a McDonalds; B) through a fast food drive-thru. They loudly read the whole menu and discussed it for about four minutes, which of course, confused the drive through girl. Finally after ordering, the woman is yelling at the menu "do we get a senior discount?" Naturally, they pulled right back into the parking lot after leaving.

27 April 2007

OnionBoy vs. Breakfast Pastry

Yeah, well it was quite the battle royale, and I eventually won, but it was an ugly battle.

It looked so tasty in the package. Cherry and cream cheese, covered with strips of dough and cooked to perfection ... how was I supposed to know it was explosive? I warmed it up in the microwave and took it, with a glass of milk, in the car with me on the way to work. That's when the battle began.

It must have better night vision than I do, because my first clue I was under attack was something sticky on the back of my hand. Next thing I knew my hands were sticking to the gear lever and the steering wheel ... obviously some attack meant to slow down or disable it's opponent. By the time I got to work pastry guts were everywhere, my face, my hands, the rear view mirror, on my cell phone, but worst of all was a huge cherry and cream cheese splotch of what was probably it's spleen all over my pants ... it was too ugly to take a picture of.

This is the second time in a week I have seen seemingly innocent sugary treats turn on their eaters. First last Saturday with JustSmileChild and the ice cream cone that attacked her, and now my breakfast pastry. Is it some strange alien force? Terrorist technology? Consider yourself warned and be careful out there.

24 April 2007

Sunday Church (unexpected)

Some of you have read this OnionBoy tidbit here before: I am not a particularly emotional individual. You can go ahead and explain it (blame) in whatever way you want to, I'm male, genetics, upbringing, philosophy, or blah blah blah. The result is the same, I just don't have many intense emotional experiences, at most one or two a year, and probably more like two or three every five years.

If I can see them coming, I can exercise some measure of control. When they catch me unawares, since I am unused to them, I don't really have any good way to cope with them and I can have child-like reactions. This past Sunday I went to church at 1230, it seemed normal, with the exception of there being a baptism. I don't remember the first trigger, but the second was the Gospel reading, John 21, in particular verse 17. Somehow it got flipped around in my mind and it was I asking God "do you love me?" three times. Our pastor, Father Denny got up and spoke about being a child of God, the emotional trickle became a stream as God began to answer my thrice asked question. Then a gentleman named Brian (who was there on a parish mission) got up and spoke about how special we were, how intimately concerned God was with our entire lives ... the flood gates opened, and it was all I could do to not start crying. My being was filled with the love God has for me.

I was so utterly overwhelmed by my feelings I had a very child-like reaction, I wanted to run out of church. I did not.

Just when I thought I had myself calm down, the baby was baptized and it welled up in me again. People talk about the fight or flight reaction. Well I guess somewhere down inside I knew that I could not run from God, so once again I had to suppress the urge to run.

I realized as I sat, slightly trembling and sweaty, that something in my relationship with God was changed.

When the Great Fisher hooked me several years back, I took the bait, and I ran it to the end of the line. I have struggled on the end of this line for the last decade (next month is makes the completion of ten years since I came back to Him). My struggle has been this: I have fought being reeled in by my own sense of guilt over the ways that I do and have lived my life ... I have felt unworthy of being 'caught' in His nets. The Master let the line out, reeled me back in, let me out, reeled me back in, let me out, and reeled me back in. Ever patient, he let me play the line until at last this past Sunday, I truly think I have ceased my struggle to avoid my 'worthiness', and He added another fish to His catch.

The world will continue to tell me I am unworthy of being called a child of God, maybe I'll even get drawn back to it on occasion, but now I know what it's like to claim my birthright, and I will hold onto it as God holds onto every precious child of His:

Do you love me Lord?
Yes, my child, you know that I do...

23 April 2007

He's dead Jim...

...for those of you who know that I don't care for television or movies, Order of the Stick is my "Lost" or "The Office" or "American Idol". Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday" I watch my show...

strip 443 screen shot
Roy Greenhilt, LG Fighter, Strips 1-443. May he rest in peace.

Rich Burlew knows how to make a story interesting. Wow. Roy is/was THE main character in the story, and he has just been killed. Yes, it is a comic strip, yes, it is set in the D&D world, so Roy is just a resurrection spell away from being revived, but Burlew keeps me guessing at what happens next, he keeps his thousands of readers guessing, and I admit, I am rarely right about the next happening ... and I am usually one who can see through plots.

I admit it, I have not any good guess now. I read through the forums and seen everyone's good guesses, but nothing seems right. I think it's just as likely Burlew lets Roy stay dead as any other device.

I can't wait for the next installment.

20 April 2007

Random photos from my week

Cherokee manages to get his eyes open ... sort of.

Zoo 2007 04 07 01 Zoo 2007 04 07 02
"Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar, and be better off than you are, or would you like to be a gorilla?"

Zoo 2007 04 07 06
Obligitory caption about who is in the cage and who is not ... ha ha ha.

This picture took itself
I know that this picture is of, the inside of my car, but I think the phone took it all by itself.

This picture took itself
Cornstalker does karaoke for the very first time ever. It turns out he can sing. Here he is singing "(You make me feel like a) Natural Woman", or something.

This picture took itself
"...my lover stands on golden sands, and watches the ships, that come sailing..."

Zoo 2007 04 07 05
Maegmariel says "You aren't going to make me listen to those two sing, are you? It's bad enough to have to dance with them."

Thanks to Cornstalker for a couple of photos more or less with implied permission.

18 April 2007

Tuesday was sports day

In my never ending quest to confuse readers with stuff they don't understand, yesterday was (mostly) about sports.

In the morning, I got up early and went to church. As I've said before in this space, I like to go to a certain Mass because all the kids from the Catholic school are there. After the service was over a young girl came up to me and said I had a very nice singing voice... ah, the occasional power of a word of encouragement.

In the afternoon Viv and I went golfing over at Papio Greens (par 3 course) in Papillion. As far as natural abilities go at a sport, she has a knack for it when she just relaxes and swings, putting doesn't seem to be a mystery to her at all. Obviously, practice makes one better, but I think she could be very good. According to my blog (as if anyone believes that rag), the last time we went golfing, she had a 51, and I had a 31. This time she had a 48, and I had a 29. I had to make a couple of decent sized putts on the last two holes to preserve my 29 (yeah me!). Ooh and there were a nesting pair of Red Tailed Hawks in a tree on the west side of the back nine.

After golf, we went by Culvers and got some ice cream, and went and hung out with Merinda for a while.

In the evening I played basketball with the kids (young adults) from Great Adventures. It was full court five on five. I had forgotten how to save energy while playing, so after about the first three minutes, I was ready to throw up, and had a couple of nice floor burns. I figured it out pretty quickly, that is how to save energy, not how to play. I suck at that game. The weird part about basketball for me is that even though I am relatively tall, I am shorter than my younger brothers. When we started to play a lot, my friends were taller than me too, including Ted who is 6'8", so I learned to play point guard. Now I'm one of the tallest in this group, and it's tough for me to play inside. I did on the last game. Anyways for a sport I stink at, and how I'm 10-15 years older than everyone else on the floor. I did well.

I tried to take a charge from one of the smaller ladies, I got position, set myself, she ran into me, and bounced right off ... I should have flopped.

Oh, and this old man can STILL jump up and touch the rim!

In other news: Happy first anniversary to my nasal surgery!

15 April 2007


There is a funny scene in "Waking Ned Devine", okay there are a lot of funny scenes in that movie, the one I am thinking about is where the little boy, Maurice, is talking to the replacement priest, Father Patrick:
Maurice: "So, did He come to you, then?"
Father Patrick: "Who's that?"
Maurice: "Jesus."
Father Patrick: "Oh, Jesus. Well, He did in many ways, yes."
Maurice: "Did you see him?"
Father Patrick: "Well, not exactly, no."
Maurice: "But... you're working for him."
Father Patrick: "I am. Doing the best I can."
Maurice: "Do you get paid for it?"
Father Patrick: "Well, it's more a payment of the spiritual kind, Maurice."
Maurice: "Oh, right."
Father Patrick: "Think you could be drawn to the Church?"
Maurice: "I don't think so."
Father Patrick: "Well, you never know."
Maurice: "I don't think I could work for someone I'd never met and not get paid for it."
Faith can be a silly looking thing sometimes, even to believers.

Bible study last week was about Jonah, and it developed into a very spirited (no pun intended) discussion at the center of which was this: After running away from God, Jonah eventually (and quite unhappily) went to Nineveh as he was told. Was this sufficiently obedient? In a rare feat for me, I took the literal point of view and said yes, it is sufficient to be only obedient, it is not necessary to be happy about it.

God will give us things we want to do, God will give us things we don't want to do. Of those things we are given to do, they can have pleasant results for us, or they can have unpleasant results for us. The story of Jonah is one in which he is given something he does not want to do, and the end of result of which he does not like. Why would we do something we don't want to do, the result of which is something we don't like? I find myself considering this very question. For me the answer is fairly simple, because of my love for the Lord.

With everything I was put through as a child, and the unfortunate and just plain bad choices I have made in my adult life, I have every reason in the world to be bitter, selfish, and pointing fingers at everyone but myself. Instead, I am happy, giving, and interested in honestly examining myself. What made the difference? What indeed ... it was God lifting me up when I was down, loving me when no one else would, and setting me on His path when not even I thought I was worthy of being on it.

I work for a paycheck, they call it work for a reason: some of the things my employer gives me to do are less than interesting, and I don't like the results. I am much more willing to "work" for God, not necessarily for spiritual payment, but because, like Peter, where else would I go? My new life is a result of the Lord and I have my lot cast with Him.
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Catching up

Catching up
Seriously, when it takes eleven days to write about the last day of the Balfest, it should be obvious that something happened within that time frame. My 'screw-off' time has been to a minimum, so let's see if I can figure out what the heck I've been doing for the last two weeks.

New phone
I got my MotoRazr v3m. It is obvious that despite the long association that Motorola had with Apple Computer, they learned nothing from the experience. The operating system is difficult to get around and is much more set up for boredom (read business) than creativity (read fun). The bluetooth feature is very nice however, once you get it working. Fortunately, I was not alone, Cornstalker got a MotoRazr at about the same time I did. Together we got it mostly figured out, read his side of the story here and here. I was not as unwitting as he claims.

The most fun I've had so far is going through my collection of pictures and assigning picture IDs to every phone number. Sprint has a reasonable website for pictures, so I created an online album with my photo ID's, all at 320x240, and regardless of what happens to the phone, I can get them there. I have my contact information backed up in about 10 million places. I got a sudoku game for it. Next is ringtones!

Oh, and of course, I got one of those silly bluetooth hands free devices so I can be a complete idiot walking around the store looking like I'm talking to myself.

Lenten sacrifice ... i.e. less soda pop
I decided this year for Lent I would give up some of the pop that I drink. It went very well, and I got myself into the habit of drinking less pop and more water. I am trying to continue that now. I am aiming for a one bottle of water for every one pop, I drink. It was kind of easy my first couple days of work, but the longer I went into the work week, the tougher it was. I'll keep working.

Sleep anyone?
Since my mid-twenties, every two or three years my body goes through this phase where good sleep gets to be more and more difficult. Usually it only lasts a couple months, but I get so run down from lack of good sleep, I can be a semi-zombie (not quite undead) for weeks on end. The last time this happened was late-November 2004, and I didn't handle it very well at all, I kept going, and predictably ended up with bad decision making, emotional numbness, and physical issues (pneumonia). Near the end of it, Doctor Laurie got me a prescription for Ambien. Amazingly, I started to get sufficient rest, and by the end of the year I was fine.

Well it's been sneaking up on me for the last month or so. I didn't notice it so much on my off weeks, but I wasn't sleeping so good during my work weeks. I probably should have seen it with my collapse on Saturday night of the Balfest, oops. Well the Monday night before this work week, I didn't get to sleep until after 0030 (and I have to be up at 0415). I can go one night and be fine, but I came home Tuesday after work laid down by 1900, slept maybe 45 minutes, was back up and didn't get to sleep until after midnight. Wednesday was a zombie day. I talked to Doctor Laurie, got a prescription called in for Ambien. Wednesday night was good sleep, but not enough to make up for the bad sleep I had been having lately. Thursday better. Friday was the dance, so, not so much. Last night, Saturday was very good sleep. By the time I get my off days, I should be well rested.

Yard work
I am looking forward to getting a little yard work done during my off days. Clear out the gardens, maybe get some things planted. Get the lawn mower going. Manly yard stuff.

Hide your black cats
Yeah, well I'm not necessarily superstitious, but last Friday, the 13th, yeah, it sucked ... it started bad, and didn't improve. Well except for several dances near the end of my dance night, particularly the one with Jenny Jitterbug to "Shake Your Tailfeather".

12 April 2007

The Midwest Balboa Swing Festival - Sunday

As stated on the Saturday post, I woke up Sunday morning fully clothed in my bed having slept through all those calls and texts. The first thing I did was call Viv and let her know I was okay.

I rolled out of the rack, got ready, went to Subway and picked up a sandwich, and headed to the Eagles for more dance lessons. There was only one track for Sunday, it was upstairs. Fortunately, it was also at 1100, so I could kind of get my way there at a leisurely pace. The afternoon classes were training for the Big Apple contest, I had no intention of competing in the contest, but Mae convinced me it would be fun to try learn some of the moves. It was. I like the 'called' aspect of the Big Apple much more so than the routine. Maybe it was the way Lance and Shannon taught it. Lance played a really good April Fools joke on Shannon. He waited until it was quiet, and then he said "I'd like to teach you the next move, but my ankle hurts, so here is Shannon to show you the _insert made up move_", then he walked off, and poor Shannon is standing in the middle of sixty people having no idea what to do.

IMG_5716 - alpacaboy
Seriously, it's a Big Apple move, check out Jenny from Minnesota laughing in the background.

Finally I headed home, actually got a nap, and then headed out to the night event with the Southside Aces at the Naughty Lounge. First off let me say this: the floor at the Naughty was SO good that I actually asked Nate if they replaced it for this event. It turns out that it was a liberal application of dance wax to the floor that made it suddenly dancable.

Yes, this floor. I've danced on it before when you couldn't slide a teflon ball across it.

The highlight of the evening was the band. Naturally, I can't find a single picture of them playing on any of the sites I usually, um, borrow pictures from. They were incredible. They played five sets until the wee hours of the morning despite having to work their real jobs Monday ... in Minnesota! They have drums, a guitar, a sousaphone, trombone, clarinet, and a trumpet player. When they had a song with lyrics, they just sang it all together without microphones, it was very entertaining. Evidentily, the trumpet player was a last minute replacement, and was picked up on the way. Didn't matter, they were incredible. Speaking of the trumptet player, not only was he extremely talented, but some of the ladies described him words like "dreamy", he caused much swooning ... musicians get all the girls.

The Big Apple Contestants - cornstalker
SwingingStar, move out of the way, we can't see the trumpet player!

I'm sorry I didn't buy a disk from them, I might ask Stilldancin' to pick me up one or two and send it to me.

There was also the Big Apple contest, advertised as the first of it's kind in 70 years. Since there was a jazz historian making the calls, I am sure they knew what they were talking about. Since the contestants only had the afternoon to learn the moves, I'm sure the dancing wasn't as good as it was 70 years ago, but any called dance (like square dancing) half the entertainment is watching the dancers react to the calls.

Was that 'Truck to the right' or 'Suzie Q to the left'?

The party just kept going on and on. I heard that there people there almost two hours after I left.

IM003546_1.JPG IM003549.JPG
Spanky wants to know if Viv wants to give it a try. Who would have thought Viv would try some of someone elses drink ... everyone!

Cornstalker leads Mariposita around the floor.

Stilldancin' and I dancing dangerously close.

Well, it IS called the Naughty Lounge and Viv looks like she knows how to dance with the pole.

The 'word' from the out of town attendees is that Omaha Cowtown knows how to throw a party. Thanks to all who made this event cool.

Thanks to Alpacaboy, Stilldancin' and Cornstalker for several photos more or less with implied permission.
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09 April 2007

Fix it!

The culprit:

The situation:
Shortly before the dance weekend started, Schmendrick says to me "The dryer isn't working." Nice. It has to wait all weekend for me to look at, because of course dancing takes priority.

So I borrowed Troy's meter, bust open the dryer, get the schematic, and start trouble shooting. I quickly find that the circuit that runs from the "push to start" through the dryer door, to the motor has an open in it. Further investigation of the schematic shows a safety fuse in the circuit, and even further investigation shows that it is the fuse that is causing the issue.

Unfortunately, this fuse is buried deep within the bowels of dryer, I can barely see it, and a tactile investigation showed it to be riveted onto it's location. **DO NOT TRY THE FOLLOWING AT HOME, SPECIFICALLY, MY HOME** So I rewire it without the fuse in the circuit, it starts up. Cool, I am not letting this get too far out of my sight, I run it for a few minutes, it has a funny smell, but more like dust or lint got onto the heating coils, but it goes just fine for three or four minutes. Double cool! I grab some wet shirts, towels, socks and chuck 'em in, and check on it every couple minutes, but there doesn't seem to a problem.

I have to go, so I get ready, suddenly smell something funny, and walk out to smoke billowing out of the dryer ... okay, seeping would be more accurate, but still. I flipped the circuit breaker, carefully opened the door (no flames), and took my clothes to the safety of the table. The smoke was gone almost immediately, and after about two or three minutes, the heat disappated, so I quit fretting about it.

The Result:
IM003562.JPG enhanced

So now I need a new dryer, and I did have to rewash my clothes that were in there, but they all survived. No pets were even inconvenienced in the whole thing. I just have clothes on hangers all of the place drying.

08 April 2007

I saw a WHAT?

Yes, a movie, I saw Meet the Robinsons on Saturday with a group of friends.

IMG_1379.jpg cornstalker

Our friend, Steve Hwan was in on the production, and his name figures prominately in the credits.

I thought it was fabulous, go see it, several times!

Blessed Easter

This picture is out of context. It was at a toga party, and actually we were all having a very good time. I was messing around with the filters on my phone, and this came out.
toga 3
I realize that it is MistyJoJangles and Viv, but I couldn't help thinking right away of Jesus and Peter at some point during the last supper. Jesus bearing the weight of His on coming torture and death, and Peter lost that the Lord would say He would deny Him. I find it interestingly sad when the secular world, non-Christians, and clueless Christians accuse the Jewish people of the torture and death our Savior endured ... any Christian need only look as far as the nearest mirror to find the reason He was killed, to take our place, to free us of our just penalty.

Amazingly and gladly, He did. The tomb is empty, our future is full.

Have a happy and blessed Easter.

The Midwest Balboa Swing Festival - Saturday

I woke up Saturday in time for classes. Got in my car went over to do some shopping for all the essentials, donuts, milk, a charger for my new phone, and a bluetooth hands free headset for the new phone. It took less time than I thought it would, so I got downtown in time to pretty much be the first one there.

What the Eagle's club looks like when you are early.

The first class I took was a shag class, I chose it because I didn't want to take the other class being offered, it was a "what the hell" kind of decision, and we know what Marilyn Monroe said about those kind of decisions. Well, she was right, I absolutely loved it. I always thought that I would hate the dance because it looked like it was just too much energy. Well it is a lot of energy, and my muscles aren't used to it, but it wasn't as much as I thought it would be. I liked it, and I hope I can get someone in Cowtown to practice it with me.

One of the Shag instructors, Shannon dancing a short shag demo. Okay we didn't learn that many moves, but still.

The second class I took was a foxtrot class, I thought I would like it because Viv kind of went on about it. I might have liked it, if I could actually do it, but for the life of me, I could go to the right with the box step, but I couldn't make my feet come back to the left.

We went to Runza for lunch, and by we, I mean like 1/2 the attendees. There was a bit of laughing going on, and naturally we were a little late getting back from the our fast food. So the first class after lunch was out, so I look the second, which was taught by P-Log and Mmmmia (someday I'm just going to use real names only, I swear) and was simply entitled 'swing'. I love classes by P-Log, he never gets bent out of shape about how a move is supposed to be done. He talks about social dancing, looking good, and making it feel good. I'm a little slow on the uptake for classes, so I didn't get everything he was showing us, but I did get some ideas at least.

Next I went upstairs and had one big class with Dean, the original Balboa dancer. He taught some slow balboa. I liked the moves a lot. Dean didn't like my styling, I think it will be a while before it all sinks in and I'll be able to dance it.

In between the last afternoon class and the night dance we went and met Robin at Old Chicago. See that posting here.

The night dance was more of the same from the previous night. I decided to compete in the pure Balboa contest. Stilldancin' agreed to be my partner.

IMG_1320.jpg - cornstalker
The couple that should have won.

P-Log kept talking up how it was all about pure bal, no seperating, no bouncing, and just keep dancing steady. I thought we did a great job, and I've seen some video (we are towards the middle of the video, I'm in a green shirt). Evidentily, there was some "hidden" criterea, which I didn't posess. I did really enjoy the format, it was a "tap out". As soon as you suck, someone comes and taps you out to give you the boot.

Synopsisdog can't believe the judges showed Stilldancin' and I the gate.

After some more social dancing, the next event was the Bal-Swing contest. Viv and Mark entered, and it was great to see them get out and do their best.

Go Viv! Go Mark!

Takashi and Jill were doing great, they were the last two out of 'the money'.

Then of course there was the debacle that was the Saturday late night. I came home to let Cherokee out before I went, fell asleep on my bed fully clothed, and slept through two text messages and four phone calls from people worried about where I was. I guess I might have been a little worn out.

Thanks to Cornstalker for several photos and one video more or less with implied permission.

03 April 2007

The Midwest Balboa Swing Festival - Friday

So welcome to the first annual posting of the Midwest Balboa Swing Festival which was this past weekend. I had a great time, and learned some new stuff which will actually be put into use ... who knew?

First, the big complaint: I'm still pretty *censored* about missing the Friday lessons. I ended up getting up at 0415 and going all day until around 0030 the next day with only a short thirty minute lunchtime nap, which pretty much screwed up the Friday and Saturday late nights for me, because I was just too *censored* tired. My plan B was to come home after work on Friday and try to get a two hour nap before the first dance, but by the end of the work day, I was too hyped up and unhappy to go sleep. So instead...

I called Mae and said "What's up?" (not really what was said). She said they were going to the casino for dinner with one of the girls, Danah, staying at their house for the festival. Spanky & Danah were going to gamble and we could talk while they were doing that. We headed over to Harrah's and amazingly enough, there was no line at buffet on a Friday night, so we ate there. Danah is a little like caffeine in human form, she also placed in about every contest.

Spanky, Mae, and Danah sharing a gatorade to rehydrate after all that dancing.

After the casino, we headed over to the dance, where we met up with some out of town friends. I got right into the dancing, which is pretty much what I do anyways.

100_2920 - cliffo
It was not this dance that made Maegmariel be sick.

At 2200 there was the open Jack & Jill. I entered not expecting much of a chance, but as the lottery says, you can't win if you don't play. I still didn't win, but I had a good time trying.

IMG_5036 - steve hwan
Rachel and I are ready to dance!

IMG_5080 - steve hwan
P-Log and Mark are discussing how good Steph and I look dancing.

IMG_5105 - steve hwan
TitaYolanda and I are dancing in the background, Timmo is hamming it up out front.

Finally back to dancing.

100_2903 - cliffo 100_2939 - cliffo 100_2940 - cliffo

The dance ended, and for a special treat we got told to leave by an entirely new voice, the emcee for the event, Mark. The late night didn't begin until an hour after the dance (who thought that up?), so we headed back to Spanky & Mae's. I decided on the way I was too tired to go, I hung out there for about ten minutes until Spanky started making drinks ... I knew I had to leave and go home or who knew what time I would wake up on Saturday morning.

Thanks to Alpacaboy and Jittercliff for several photos more or less with implied permission.

Daniel's first visit

'Uncle' OnionBoy finally got to see his nephew. This is the first very close friend of mine to have a baby. Rock'n'Robin came into town on the same weekend of the Midwest Balboa Swing Festival, nice timing, but we worked out dinner for eight or so, at Old Chicago downtown on Saturday in between classes and the evening dance. Unexpectedly, about twenty other dancers showed up for dinner too. Tim got there later after a guy movie with one of his friends. Daniel was perfectly behaved, sleeping through being held by about a dozen people.

Me, Rock'n'Robin, and Daniel. Yes, I know how to hold a baby.

Aw! Bay-bee!

IM003538.JPG IM003537.JPG IM003540.JPG IM003542_1.JPG
Mae, Viv, JustSmileChild, and Sharona take Daniel for a test drive.

And what visit from Rock'n'Robin wouldn't include swing dancing?

I also have a cute video of Sharona dancing the hustle with Daniel in his arms, which I may decide to add in about a week when Sprint and YouTube decide to transfer and publish the file.

Daniel also made it to the dance later on Saturday night so most everyone got to hold him who wanted to.

Thanks to Cornstalker for one 'borrowed' photo.

02 April 2007

Picture update!

Okay, no picture post yet, but if you want to see some of the pictures, you can find them here.

Midwest Balboa Swing Festival

Baby Daniels First Omaha Visit

Posts about the subjects soon!

Quick update

It was a busy weekend with the Midwest Balboa Swing Fest and Robin, Tim, and Daniel visiting. There are pictures of both, I will get them up later this week as soon as I can take a breather ... and fix my dryer.