23 July 2006

Billy & Lindsay's Wedding!

First the words. Venche went as my date, she looked wonderful. My camera is stupid. It was warm, but not overbearingly so, and even if it was, it was a privilege to be there for Billy & Lindsay. I did tell Mark that next life I was going to be a woman and wear a lot of sun dresses to outdoor summer events. My camera is stupid. The wedding was organized, beautiful, and creative. There were a lot of little touches that involved the bride and groom’s faces, the Billy & Lindsay water bottles, signs directing where to go, the Martini bar menu. My camera is stupid. Dinner went well, it the vans outside were an indication, it was catered by HyVee, they did well. My camera is stupid. The highlight was the dancing (of course), Troy played a big variety of music that you don’t normally here at Jitterbugs events, Venche got to find out I know all the words to at least one slow country song... The Chicken Dance: great... The Electric Slide: throw it in the dumpster, like my camera, it is stupid.

Billy & Lindsay: God Bless your marriage, thanks for allowing me to be a part of it.

Check out this nice looking group!

Brian: Can we just get right to the dancing?
Josie: If I fall, you are SO going down with me.

Billy enjoying his last few minutes of freedom.

Dad: "Is this dress made of real satin?"
Lindsay: "It sure feels like it."
Dad: "It sure cost like it is."

Arg! I be the minister for the First Church of the Pirate Goddess!

Okay, so the East Coast Swing basic in open goes like this...

(I could think of nothing appropriate to caption this with)

Billy! Don't eat the flowers!

Brian: Hurry up, we get to go dance.
Josie: Don't go so fast, you won't get in the picture.

Possible captions:
1. Dang, eating that bar of soap gave me gas.
2. Viv: "Venche, would you call my personality bubbly?"
3. Venche: "Why is my date laying in the grass in his suit?"
4. Too bad my camera is stupid and deleted the first shot of this.

Little Becky: Wait until I get my license, I am going to run you over.

Is this the line for the dessert table?

Lindsay was talking to someone else, I came up behind her put my arm around her pointed the camera at us, and *click* ... that's why I love the bride.

Billy: Now remember, Eric can't have any chocolate.

Hugh: Alright, which one of you goosed me?

Suggestions for improved captions are appreciated!


Viv said...

Were you a little tired when you wrote this?? The pictures came out really well and you captured the day nicely. I don't quit get the bubble caption but at the momment can't think of anything better.

onionboy said...

which part don't you get?

Viv said...

Alright I looked at it again. I thought you were trying to creat a conversation between me and Venche. It's possible captions. I think I get it now.

Linda said...

What a beautiful day for a wedding and an even more beautiful bride and handsome groom. Your pictures look great and so do you and all of your dates. You must of been one busy guy out there with all those women to choose from.:)

Kara said...

My heartiest congratulations to the beautiful bride and (also beautiful, but in a manly way) groom!

Billy said...

Thank you.