13 July 2006

Expert? Jack of Trades?

Warning: although the following may not actually be funny, it is meant tongue in cheek.

So... I am talentless. This is what has been floating around on the top of my brain for the last couple of weeks. Or more to the point, I find myself in a group of friends (who I am NOT giving up), in which my talents and areas of expertise are not exactly right at the front of being needed.

I look at some of my friends, like Nate (from 88 Improv), Billy, or Suzie, and they have that combination of talent and vision that makes them absolutely amazing to be around. I have more friends, like Nate (from Jitterbugs) or Dan, who are so knowledgeable and passionate about certain subjects that they are a joy just to listen to. Those are the kinds of things that I wish I had ... talent, vision, knowledge, passion.

Or more to the point, I wish I was recognized for it.

Sort of. I made a decision long ago about the part that I liked to play in society. I like to be the trashman or recycler, give me the tough stuff no one else can handle. The unthanked jobs that need to be done. I'll do it, hopefully without complaining. I can be very tenacious, focused and determined... but who knows? Nobody, because I am fairly unambitious by societal standards, I'm not really a self-promoter, and the jobs I like to do are not noticed.

So do I have talent, vision, knowledge, and passion? YES! Well after all, God leaves no person purposeless. My talent is discernment, my vision is for fulfilled human beings, my knowledge is how to be with and talk to people who need someone there, and my passion is human beings.

Okay, I know a little about baseball, golf, and construction too...

There is no way for me to be recognized for the differences I have made, because let's face it, some of the things I've heard are not for public consumption. I believe, however, I am appreciated, and that will have to be enough for me.

My talent is for people.

Too bad when you put me in a crowd of them and I think I have to perform.


Anonymous said...

Whether you realize it or not, you are a very interesting person. Go with it.

Viv said...

Yeah... You know how to juggle to.

Sometimes the jobs that come with little recognition are the ones most appreciated. My experience has taught me that it can be a very lonely position if you don't have your mind fixed on the larger picture or God's perspective. God has made each of us different to fit in His perfect plan. It sounds to me that you have a good attitude.
You know I appreciate ya.

Becky said...

i hope you aren't falling into the trap of measuring yourself against other people-that never works out well. at some point some of those talents will be useful for your friends- you never know.
i feel where you are coming from- not a lot of talent that i feel i have comes in useful around people i know.
besides- you're a great person to be around and there is a lot to be said for that quality too, even if it doesn't fall in your definition of talent.

Sarah said...

Here's a quote for you: "I'm like a jack of all trades, and a master of none." Anymore, that's how I feel about myself. Oh, and I'm not ignoring your calls; I'm just not hearing them because my phone sucks in that it either doesn't have battery power or, when it does, I'm not around to hear the damn thing ring (seriously, I can barely hear the thing one room away in a quiet house).

Anonymous said...

Eric in the words of Albert Einstein: "Try not to become a man of success but rather try for becoming a man of value." I think you have made some wise choices in your life that are truly more valuable than just being popular. Isn't it fun just to know that with your choices you can be free to let God come in and take over?