18 July 2006

A Question

This comes from a conversation with a friend who asked me if there were bugs in the garden of Eden or if they were a consequence of the fall of Adam and Eve.

Answer me this question, what is the first (most important) quality in being human?
  1. Being a creation of God or
  2. Suffering from the fall of Adam and Eve.
I would argue that it is #1, we are first creations of God. So are bugs. Like it or not, so is being irritated and frustrated.

The true nature and disaster of the Fall is that we have been removed from His immediate presence, this is the penalty for the knowledge that Adam and Eve gained, to be removed from Eden and Him. Although our newfound knowledge causes us to focus on the loss of paradise, the actual loss is that of the physical presence of our Creator.

We are removed from God.

Fortunately He has given us gifts of faith and forgiveness, and also the gift of Himself in Jesus, and we can be set straight with Him, and after a short while of suffering and/or joy in this life, re-enter His presence.

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