28 July 2006

Stupid OPPD (part 0002) - I take it all back

Make sure you read Stupid OPPD (part 0001) for the exciting beginning of this tale.

The Culprit

OPPD showed up in a little over 2 hours from when I first called. The technician had a troubleshooting device, and we quickly found no power at the AC unit. Went inside, took the cover off the circuit breaker panel, and discovered power on the input, no power on the output of the AC circuit breaker. $11.99 + tax and a trip to Ace Hardware later, and my air conditioning is working like a champ.

What caused the circuit breaker to give up the ghost at that particular time is unknown, but we'll just let that go, and enjoy some lower humidity and temperature.

Even though I would have figured it out once I borrowed a meter from Troy, I do want to say: thank you OPPD.


Viv said...

Alrighty...it's all good. Stay cool.

SuzieQ said...

How's the frigid air treating you??

Morgen said...

Does OPPD stand for Obstinate Power Police Dipwads?