28 July 2006

Stupid OPPD (part 0001)

make sure you read Stupid OPPD (part 0002) for the conclusion of this electrifying tale.

Yesterday the weather was cool enough that I turned off the air conditioning in my house before I left to go to Jazz on the Green.

Today OPPD came and installed a new power meter.

A couple hours later, I started to get warm, so I closed the windows, and went to pop on the A/C. Nothing. I went through all the circuit breakers, checked the wiring on the outside of the house, and still nothing. The fan inside the HVAC system works, but the A/C unit outside will not turn on.

I called OPPD ... it can't be OUR fault ... I pointed out the only thing that changed was the new meter ... I have to submit a claim, maybe it will be fixed by NEXT summer.

Good thing I like the heat and am in good health.

Stupid OPPD.

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