09 July 2006

Dumb Test

This one comes from GodWasAMonkey.

Intelligence Test Part 4.

I got nine total in about five minutes. I haven't taken the time to really think through them all. Acording to GodWasAMonkey, you can be her best friend if you get #2 & #17... which I did.


Viv said...

W T heck is this D T anyway!!! I grazed over this and decided I was too tired to put any effort into it. I'll try again later.

Anonymous said...

Okay I got #1, #3, and #4 before I had to quit. Will try again in a little bit.


Linda said...

I got 11 of 18. Is that good enough?

getalife said...

Hey! I'm a huge Douglas Adams fan as well!