08 July 2006


Crap, I'm not a kid anymore. I was dancing with little Becky last night and I did a move that she was supposed to counterbalance me on, we've done it before, well she missed it or something, and by the time I figured out I was going down, her 90 pounds was NOT going to support my 180, at least not with a head start towards the floor. I couldn't even fall well because I might as well been ice skating, my feet just kept slipping out from under me, so I hit the floor pretty hard.

Last fall I had that hurt was the ice skating fall, it might be on this blog somewhere. I'm not exactly over the hill, but I am getting old enough to understand why the elderly have such a fear of falling.

So ouch! My shoulder hurts. I need some heat, some tiger-balm, and some TLC... and NOT from Kevin. :-)


Viv said...

I think I know what move you are talking about.
I've ended up on the floor several times to. I can't understand about getting older but you know I understand sholder pain. I can't do too much when it get's bad. I pray is starts feeling better soon. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Linda said...

Ouch it right! Falling is not good. I disagree, you are not getting old but maybe just not a quick as you used to be. I agree, you need heat, and lots and lots of TLC. I hope you find some. :)

Becky said...

my nursing student sister says you need ice, not heat. but i say do whatever makes you feel better.

sorry about the fall- at least your nose didn't get hit in this injury... ;p

onionboy said...

and the worst part was the pain made me tired and grouchy so I forgot it was little Becky's birthday jam :-( and I left.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I hope your okay. On the bright side...I'll always be one year older than you so I do know how falls can hurt at our tender age. While you're nursing yourself with ice/heat...remember to take your vitamins especially the complex B's to help lessen any bruising damage. Since you are pretty active, I'm sure you will be okay.