03 July 2006

Keep your math skills handy

Signs seen while shopping for fireworks last night:

Spray Fountains:
$2.22 each / $6.79 for a 3 pack

Roman Candles, 10 count:
$1.23 each / $6.19 for a 4 pack

I spent less than I could have.

Spanky, Mae, and I set them off in the street, I bought a lot of little things, they bought fewer things that were cooler (read more expensive). Spanky got one piece, it looked like a big box of crayons, and it shot off the little missiles in rapid succession, it was very cool. Mae got the same sort of things I did, but different because I didn't buy the same things they did. Fountains and flowers and "Dragon Rising". My roman candles came complete with fire-proof fuses and a need for viagra... Maybe I should have tried the four pack.


SuzieQ said...

Yay fireworks!!!

Viv said...

Hey what about the ones that I shot off. What were they? I can't remember what they were but I'm going to try and find the one that Mae shot off last. It was something garden. That was cool.