16 July 2007

Another LONG post

I'm just going to cover the whole weekend here, which isn't so bad, the weekend technically begins on Friday at noon anyways.

I got up at the crack of noon on Friday, I had talked to Smeade the night before, and she was going to call me in the "morning" when she got up ... morning goes until 1345 apparently. She had Emeade in tow, and we headed out to the zoo. On the way to the zoo, I called SmileChild who was hanging out with Beth (hmmm, a real name, let's just call her FingerBreaker), or so I thought, FingerBreaker got called into work, so SmileChild met us up at the zoo, or she rode with Smeade, I was kind of confused about that. Being led around the zoo by Emeade was slightly less more A.D.D. than leading ourselves around.

phone photo
Emeade feeds the goats, isn't it cute how Smeade and Emeade dress alike?

phone photo
I got soaked waiting for them to cross the bridge and get this picture.

phone photo
Does anyone ever have to tell a sloth to eat slowly?

summervacation - smilechild
summervacation - smilechild
The new Budgie exhibit was quite cool and will probably be a much better visit after all the kids go back to school.

After the zoo, we split up and ended up back at the dance later (no pictures, and well, no Emeade). It was a fun dance with some people there we hadn't seen in a while, and a couple of brand new dancers too, not the excitement of ErinOneDay's birthday, but a good time none the less.

After the dance Chris, SmileChild, Smeade, Schmendrick, Natalie, JennyJitterbug, and I all met down at the local Village Inn for some chow and fun. We had a quotable line by someone about something, but I can't remember what it was.

Saturday was the annual Spanky & Mae summer BBQ.

IM003759.JPG IM003762.JPG
What do you do when a nine year old gives you a look like that? You eat her doll of course!

We sat out on the back deck and got some serious geek conversation going. Mark is laughing because Maegmariel said Wii.

At last the sunset ... the weather didn't turn out too bad, it has been a lot hotter in the past.

Much more went on than this, but you never get the photos you want to have. I ended up being a big wimp, at home in bed by 0100, the party must have raged on for hours longer because when I got up at 0400 to let the dog out, Schmendrick was still not home.

I woke up fairly early on Sunday, and then took a nap, and then got up, and then took a nap. Oh, finally I talked to Viv about meeting her for Lindy in the Park and then onto the Heartland Festival. We parked down at 13whatever Jones, and walked over to Lindy in the Park, stopping only to consult some sandwich artists about lunch.

100_4013 - cliffo
You know Viv, that sandwich was pretty amazing, I'm just going to sit here and contemplate it for a while.

Look who stopped by Lindy in the Park!

100_4005 - cliffo
That's the kind of smile that you get when you are dancing!

After Lindy in the Park was over, Cornstalker met up with us, and the three of us headed over to the Luis Palau Heartland Festival. We met up with tons of friends, okay maybe not that many. I had somehow forgotten how much I love Kirk Franklin's music. Some of the younger ladies in the group seemed to be enthralled with Jeremy Camp, for reasons that elude me.

Okay, so maybe there was a little more going on than just music...

phone photo
They had this thing where you could take a picture at the festival on your cell phone, email it, and they put them up on the jumbotron. Cool! Unfortunately, Laura, Katie, and I didn't quite make it onto the big screen.

IM003793.JPG IM003789.JPG
Viv and Cornstalker enjoying Christian fellowship.

I just think there are so many interesting things going on in this photo ... starting with me in the middle of it, who took this?

Oh sure, frost your hair, play guitar, write some songs, and the ladies all swoon ... and I'm not envious at all.

SmileChild, Kevin, and Smeade ... um, does Kevin have a screenname? Can I call him by it? I think this opens a whole lot of religious questions when he is ordained.

Many thanks to JitterCliff and SmileChild for allowing me to borrow pictures more or less with permission.

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smilechild said...

have i mentioned that jeremy camp is awesome?

and it's not just the hair... i think his songs are anointed.

smeade quote today... "where's a prehensile tongue when you need one?"