05 July 2007

Catching up, part V a

Sheesh, will the catching up ever end?

Sunday was Lindy in the Park, with a large-ish crowd. The best line of the day belonged to SendMeJackson "You were right, Bro, I show up, and look at all these people." I think it's a strong contender for line of the year. The weather was gorgeous, and we were going to run long if it weren't for the power supply taking a dive right at 1500 (that's 3:00pm for those of you who are 24hr clock challenged).

The day didn't start out with a crowd, but it picked up pretty quick:

SmileChild and I cuttin' a rug ... er cuttin' a brick.

100_3711 - cliffo
That is a nice crowd, now if I got my butt out of the way you could see more of them.

There was the return of a long missed Jitterbug!

100_3679 - cliffo
Yes, that's SkittlesForJC back from her not-so-whirlwind six month tour of Europe.

Plus some other out-of-town and not often seen people there:

100_3728 - cliffo 100_3730 - cliffo 100_3730 - cliffo

Lots of people were dancing:

After the dance, several of us headed over to local ice cream establishment Ted & Wally's for some ice cream. As the roomie likes to point out, one of the things Ted & Wally's is selling is novelty. Sometimes, novelty is not tasty, i.e. Guinness beer flavored ice cream. After looking at the menu, we headed out and went to Maggie Moo's. All things equal, I'd rather support Ted & Wally's, but the tongue says all things are not equal. We sat outside, and watched people we know walk by. No one was watching the time, SendMeJackson showed up, we chatted, and all of a sudden it was 1700 (that's 5:00pm for those of you 24hr clock challenged). Eek! I wasn't the only one that had to be somewhere shortly, so the crowd split and went.

Much thanks to Cliffo for pictures and video used more or less with permission. You can check out more stuff from him about this event with those links.


Becky said...

i really think it is funny that you insist on using military time but then have to translate it. perhaps it is time to throw in the towel and just use a 12 hour clock.

onionboy said...

ha, every blog should have a running gag, mine is just more timely than others :-)