07 July 2007

Catching up, part VI (and last)

Last Tuesday was July 03, and the traditional fireworks at Rosenblatt stadium. I got off of work, ran home, and went and joined the GAMe gang. First it was basketball ... yes, I said basketball. I know, I am not smart enough to not play, but the legs held up just fine. I was perfect on my shooting for the day, I played two games, took four shots, and missed 'em all ... *whiney voice* why can't I be good at everything?

After the ball game we headed up to Chad's and rested, got cleaned up, and hung out for a few minutes before heading down to the 10th street bridge to watch the fireworks. The ride down was interesting, that is all I will say about it. We got down there, found a spot, and some of us tossed around a football, others played some sort of volleyball game right in the middle of a few thousand other people.

The fireworks started earlier than I thought they might, and they were spectacular, as usual.



After the fireworks were finished we gathered up our stuff, and walked back up 9th street (eek!) and then all the way to Chad's. People were going to be hanging out at Angie's, but I knew I had to work in the morning, traffic wasn't looking so bad, so I left.

Oops, traffic was bad, that or I just picked a stupid way out of the neighborhood, probably both. I ended up going downtown, getting on the highway, and going the back way through Iowa to the Bellevue bridge. It probably took me close to an hour. I have a plan for next year ... don't work on the 4th! I ended up getting about, um, zero sleep, so the next day was not my best ever, and I went to sleep immediately upon getting home from work ... I actually slept through most of the neighborhood fireworks.

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