02 July 2007

Catching up, Part III

So, last Friday night was a little different... I finally got out of the house and went to the Great Adventures BBQ / Movie night over at Roseana's house. Don't get yourself all in a tizzy, I didn't stay for the movie, but more on that in a second.

Have I mentioned lately what great friends I have? Um, no pictures from the BBQ, well I have ONE but I am not sure Beth would be too happy about that picture being posted.

They had a fire pit there, and we roasted snausages & marshmallows. The usual fun discussion ensued. We put on some dance music and did some swing dancing, although the dance floor, i.e. Roseana's back yard grass could use some improvement.

Around 2130 (that's 9:30pm for those of you 24hr clock challenged), the movie went on and I made my exit to go the swing dance. Well I got away from the fire pit, and I still smelled smoke, all over my clothes. After about 6ms worth of thinking, I decided that was not going to work so well for dancing.

Fine, I'm headed home first, then to the dance. I hopped in the car, and as I drove past Rosenblatt Stadium, the Friday Night fireworks were just starting up. So I backed my car up into a space opened the moonroof, and watched the fireworks almost directly overhead.
moonroof fireworks
I never made it to the dance, it was 2230 (that's 10:30pm for those of you 24hr clock challenged) before I made it home, and I decided not to go.

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